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It's time.  I need a new set.  My old pans are shot.  Any suggestions?


I have a saucepan made by Kevin Dundon that I really like, but his stuff is hard to find.  I really need a 8 inch and 10 or 12 inch fry pan.  There's so much to chose from on the Q that it's hard making the right move when you know so little about the newer brands and surfaces.



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@cupcaked  I purchased an 8" and 10" of the Green Pan (Costco had the set) and so far they're just great. But, the next nonstick pan I'm getting is by Circulan - heard great things about them, and saw them used on America's Test Kitchen. I will probably go for the 12-inch. 

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I never went wrong with Curtis Stone's pans.

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I do like a lot my T-Fal fry pans, they are no stick too.

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I agree with @luvs2garden  Green pan. I got a skillet at Target. 

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Curtis Stone on HSN, for sure.

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My favorite has been Calphalon, ordered thru Belk.  

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I love the Curtis Stone pans from HSN.  Love the turquoise color as well as the non-stick.

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Re: Non-Stick Fry Pans?

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Been a T-Fal fan for years, but the last 12" skillet was not the same quality as the old ones.


Thinking of getting a Curtis Stone to replace it, as I'm very happy with his non-stick baking sheets.

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My first choice would be Wolfgang Puck Elite SS. I've had these pans for over a year ... still non-stick


Second would be Curtis Stone duraware. His cookware is excellent, non stick and durable.


Both sell on HSN.  Better pricing when these chefs are on.