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@colleena I could be wrong but I watched Top Chef for about the first 12 seasons and I'm positive Katie Lee was a judge for some episodes. I'll have to look that up.


She's ok. I think she's pleasant. Alex I can live without most of the time.

@Love my grandkids 


See message #12 I posted Katie's career-----

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@Spurt can't stand the kitchen because sunny, so over the top over everything, foolish laughing, and Katie as well. Who is she anyway? I don't know where they get some of the people to be on the cooking shows. I really liked the guy from Kentucky that won the baking and then network star. Would love to see Him host chop desserts. Not Conant.And you are right the show with Ann is over the top also worst cooks in America. I'm surprise it's still on she has gone through several cohosts.



Yes, Jason Smith, I liked him too....I've seen him as a judge occasionally but thats all...

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, grateful. Difficult standards for people to live up to.”
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Ever since that food show host made a really nasty remark about our First Lady on Twitter a couple of months ago, there was huge fallout and repurcussions. He apologized but apparently there was a shake up in management so maybe that has somehow affected programming. 

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Re: Food Network shows

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I started watching the Food Network channel when I discovered the original American Iron Chef show. I loved it. I did see the Japanese version on late night broadcasts too. Alton Brown is always a hoot. I did not like the re-worked version that was brought back. How many Iron Chefs do we need? The original concept of the show was destroyed. 


Guy Fieri is way overexposed, and I can no longer watch him. The Chopped shows seem to be a competition to find the craziest impractical ingredients. Certainly not helpful for me. I do like the Holiday and Kids Baking Championships. As many people do not like Bobby Flay, I do like him. He has had many shows pitting himself against others. Doesn't seem easy to me to do.

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My favorite show is the Kids Baking Championship w/ Valerie & Duff.  IRL, I hate baking but the kids are so talented and adorable.  I'll occasionally watch, Trisha, Vallerie, Ina, Ree, Guy and the Ms. Brown show.  I also watch Girl Meets Farm (Molly???) but a lot of her recipes (especially desserts) tend to be more for kids.  I still like to watch though.


I refuse to watch anything with Bobby or Giada.

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Everything seems to be a contest now it seems.  Some of them are really creative and interesting but others are boring. The kids are really fun to watch and they are pretty good cooks.   I enjoy the shows where someone actually cooks and you can watch the process from beginning to end, for the most part.  I still like Pioneer Woman,  other than the current stuff with the kids recording but I'm sick or all the really old reruns.  I doubt the kids are really doing much anyway and there is still a real TV crew there.  I like Molly Yeh, Valerie, and Barefoot Contessa.  I'd like Trish Yearwood a lot more if she didn't have to sing at some point in the show so I don't bother with it much anymore or turn it off when she sings. Nothing personal but I tuned in for cooking not singing.  I don't like the Zoom or computer generaged shows as much as the professionally produced shows either. While technology is great in some respects it can be annoying in others.  I used to never miss watching on a Sat. or Sun. but now only if I remember.  . 

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I'm not sure what happened to Sunny Anderson.   When she had her show Sunny's Kitchen on FN many years ago she wasn't loud and obnoxious like she is now.


She was really cute and fun to watch.  I always tuned in for that show.  Now she's almost unbearable to watch. 


I liked Ree Drummond in the first few years of her show but after I read her autobiography I didn't quite have the same feelings about her.   There were some things that she should have left out of the book.    I do admire that she has done many good things for the town of Pawhuska.  


I know I'm probably in the minority but I really don't care for the Trisha Yearwood show. 

I watched it for a while and then just got tired of it.  


Like many of you, I miss the old shows that started the original Food Network channel.


I even loved the first Paula Deen show.  The one that was filmed in upstate NY.  Seeing Goldie in the kitchen was the best part of the show.