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I'm trying to reach out to a Lock n Lock represenative to see if the Nestable Rectangle Lock n Lock will be available anytime soon?  In particular the smaller size set which are

H: 2 1/2" x W: 5 3/4" x L: 8 1/4".  These have turned out to be the most versible and useful pieces of L&L, especially for leftovers.  I constantly use them to put leftovers in for my grown children when they visit me.   Unfortunately, they don't seem to make it back home.  

I know they have the Six Rectangles with Damask Lids available now, but they are not nestable; which I need for my limited cabinet space.  

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@Sreya   If those are the rectangle ones that I have, I bought about 3 sets of 6 a while ago when they were still available and those are the best pieces of L&L that I own.


They are perfect for leftovers and I have so many things stored in them, that I have them stacked in my pantry.  I would probably buy another set if they were back in stock. 




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