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What is going on with Food Network, seems like their programming has been off for a long time. Too much Guy Fieri, diners dives etc. I enjoy watching Bobby Flay shows. Also enjoy Food Network next star. And the baking championship shows every season.I don't know what it is just don't seem to enjoy it as much as I used to. And I don't understand why Conant hosts the chopped desserts show, I didn't think he had anything to do with baking etc. I seem to be rambling, just wanted other opinions. 

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Thinking about it in this moment I guess I only still watch a handful of shows on FN.  


I watch Beat Bobby Flay, Valerie Bertinelli's show, The Kitchen, and Michael Symon's current show (cooking outside with the fam).  


I also enjoy the kids baking show with Valeriiiie and Duff G and another similar one I cannot remember.    I think I'm about done with 'Worst Cooks' but I still enjoy the celeb version.  Last time, however, there were only 3 or 4 of the celebs with whom I was at all familiar.  After they all got eliminated I deleted the rest of the season.


I got WAY burned out on Chopped years ago.   I think that's mostly me.  Sometimes watching something super similar for years I will suddenly check out totally.

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Re: Food Network shows

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@KACEE1115 Late DH and I used to love FN. I can't stand Fieri, we got sick of him many years ago. Don't care for Flay but watch now and then.


I LOVE Chopped Junior and hope that one day they will be able to start production of it again.


I love the baking shows. I recall the cake competitions where bakers produced the most amazing cakes! Some were weird, some of the bakers were weird, but it was always fun.


I won't watch Worst Cooks anymore because it's just the same old thing.


LOVED The Next FN Star! Was so glad that Jeff Mauro has done so well, he was such fun to watch on that show and still like him on The Kitchen.


Oh and I always enjoy Valerie Bertinelli's shows.

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@KACEE1115  I have read on other threads that people are calling it the Guy Fieri Network. I wonder if he owns it? We rarely watch anymore. I like the baking championships, but that's about it. The cooking shows on Sunday mornings are sometimes good, but we're "at" church and then I forget about them. Food Network seems to be geared toward a different demographic than mine. Oh, well. There's always America's Test Kitchen, Cooks' Country, A Taste of History and Lidia's Kitchen/Italy on Saturday afternoons.

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Jeff always seemed like such a sweet man!   I like him, GZ, and Katie Lee very much on The Kitchen.  Little Lorenzo is a Mini Me.  Smiley Happy

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I totally agree.  Why is Guy Fieri always on?  They guy is the biggest jerk on that channel.  The Food Network dies years ago.  Just a bunch of stupid game shows.  And...  it has some of the loudest most obnoxious show hosts.

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I like Guy on DDD, but not on GGG.  I don't care for Bobby Flay at all, nor do I care for AlexG.  I do like Trisha Yearwood and the Barefoot Contessa. I don't care for The Kitchen.  But having said all that, I do still find myself checking out their schedule every day to see if there's anything that appeals to me.

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It used to be my go to channel.


There are too many that I can't take anymore and definitely don't like the self-recorded or zoom episodes that are on now.

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Food Network has changed dramatically.  I hardly watch any more.  Not a fan of Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay drives me nuts.  I am not a fan at all of contest shows and that seems to be mostly what is on that channel now.  Simple for me, I just don't watch.


I do like Valerie's show but thats about it.


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The Food Network certainly has gone DOWNHILL---Its mostly Guy Fieri and Chopped.....  😝


I do still enjoy the Baking Contests (both kids & adults), Trisha's Southern Kitchen (Trisha Yearwood), Barefoot Contessa...... 😃🥧🧁🎂 


Can't stand Bobby Flay, and Katie Lee RUINS The Kitchen, for me....she's narcisstic and so full of herself--if she weren't on it, it would be enjoyable..😏..And that Amy Schumer is OBNOXIOUS..😜...And Giada seems to be a favorite, with the men, the attraction is her low cut dresses and not necessarily the food..😮..LOL


I'm so tired of Worst Cooks, especially the celebrity version---they have really sunk to the bottom of the barrel with their so called "celebrities", are any of those people really active in show biz????? 🤡

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