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Some of the houses in our subdivision have all the bedroom windows facing the road. Those window treatments remain closed. Those of us with picture windows facing the street keep the window treatments open until the sun sets. I'm not sure why your neighbors keep theirs closed. Perhaps they work full time and never bother to open them.

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Re: Windows During The Day

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I like to have my blinds open as much as possible.  Love the light, sunshine and outdoors.  Unfortunately, where I live now makes it difficult.  I moved to a retirement apartment, a place with a long wait list to get in.  I took an apartment that has everything I want except the view is bad.  My living room window looks directly into a bedroom of the building next door.  I’m on the waitlist for an apartment with a better view, which could take years. 


In the meantime, I make do.  I keep the blinds open as much as I can without feeling like I’m in a fishbowl.  However, as I get more comfortable being in the fishbowl, I lift the blinds a little higher.  Yesterday, I was sitting at my dining table having lunch and the women in the bedroom across the way was putting on her shoes and making her bed.  We came eye-to-eye at one point.  It’s just weird. 

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We have inside shutters on all of our windows.  I love to have them open in the day time to let pour in.  Our house has covered porches on the front and back so that keeps as much light from entering as I would like.  In the evening or on hot summer days I do close them for privacy and temperature control.

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Maybe your neighbors don't want nosy neighbors peeking into their own personal space & honestly it's none of your business to be quite frank! If closed windows is the worst thing your neighbors do, be extremely grateful!!

I keep all closed/covered at night & open some shades during the day, some have sheers too that I keep covered during the day. MY home, MY choice!
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@occasionalrain   I am not sure why it matters what your neighbors do with their window treatments but...I like as much light in the house as possible..our house is dark so I try to get as much natural light in as possible during the day.  

One window in our famiiy room faces the street and if someone comes to the door they can see into the house.  I have top down, bottom up shades so generally the blind covers the bottom half of the window.


When visiting my stepdaughter in Texas they keep ALL BLINDS closed ALL THE TIME. It drove me nuts.  Their family/dining area looked onto their back yard and no one could see in but the blinds were closed anyway.  Their house was freezing cold as well.  I had to go outside to warm up.

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I don't know why people choose to keep the light out. I suppose they have their reasons. I could not stand it! 


We have blinds and they are mostly open. We do have to adjust them when we watch TV in the great room because of the glare on the TV from the sun. 


We have a woods behind our home.  There's just something healing about looking out at nature for me and even the stars and moon at night.