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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Contemporary.  Blacks, greys and white with navy as accent color.  Very clean lines and very little accessories (less to dust)

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

@Regal Bee What area do you live in ? E or W Coast or somewhere else like UK ? lovely.....  my place style is "BUMMER"

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

REgalbee, if you are not an interior designer, you should be!  I just love your bedroom decor..very beautiful! 


Would love to see you post more pics of your home...I love them!!


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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?



My home is Colonial mixed with some Early American and a small amount of traditional touches. We have a great room with a 12'-13' high wood cathedral ceiling.  The ceiling is definitely the first thing you notice when you come through my front door.  That room is 30' long and 20' wide so, as you might imagine, the wood ceiling is definitely the "statement piece" of my home.  People think our home is a lot bigger than it is when they walk into that room.  It is only about 1650 sq. ft.  We kept all of our walls off white so it wouldn't get too dark.  What I have liked most about it is the warm cozy feeling and it has been very grandchildren and dog friendly!   This picture is not my home but the feeling is similar.




This true colonial/early American style is my most favorite, and what I find myself dreaming of in my online searches.


I don't decorate that way because I feel the house needs to be of the period or an older home (or a lot of work done to a newer house like mine to make it look appropriate). I grew up in old homes, and always wanted an old brick colonial. 


We are big colonial history buffs too, so I think that is part of my attraction to this style. 

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?



My home is not really of that period and is a ranch with a hipped roof.  It is not exactly perfect for this decor but the outside color and the green shutters kind of helps. I'm glad I went for it! 


On the other hand, my daughters home was more "primitive" than mine and she felt she couldn't live with it because her home didn't lend itself to that style.  One of her friends sent some pictures of her home to a country magazine and they wanted her house for a Christmas lay outin primitives.  Even so, she eventually did switch her decor it to a lighter and and more "airy" farmhouse style.  


My first love is also older two story homes.  We raised our kids in one.  It had so much character.  It would cost so much money to duplicate something like that today.  If it hadn't been on such a noisy street we probably never would have sold it.  If I had the money and the health, I would love to restore a historic home back to it's origins. Maybe in my next life!!!!

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

I would say I have a mix of traditional and french provincial. That is how the interior designer I worked with described it but I happen to like a lot of different styles and I like to work unexpected pieces in all of the time. I really like some grand things mixed with some more casual looking pieces too. I am really into chandeliers and have a huge one in our formal living room. I have 2 smaller ones in our kitchen and I have several in our bathroom. I love rich fabrics. I love the details. I think faucets, pulls and other things like that can really make the room. We bought a beach house several years ago and we bought it pretty much for the land and tore down the house because after talking to our architect it would have been more expensive to try to remodel than it would just to build from scratch. I found pinterest invaluable in showing my interior decorator and architect what kind of style I wanted. I didn't really feel like I needed an interior decorator because I feel like I am good at decorating my house and picking fabrics, wallpaper, etc.. but I needed her to get into several furniture houses I wanted stuff from in High Point, NC. She really helped me too though in paring things down and finding beautiful fabrics for curtains I had made and for furniture I was picking out that I may not have chosen myself. I love everything to do with decorating and turning a house into a home. 

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Mine is french country (think Valerie Parr Hill furniture)........



@Regal Bee


I love your bedroom---nicely done!

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Our house is french stye on the outside.  The interior is a mix of some more traditional pices, some more contemporary, and a lot of blue and white Oriental porcelain.  


There was a picture of a comtemporary living room on this board and a lot of people thought it looked cold, and some of our house looks a lot like that.  Although we do have traditional rugs that warm ours up and a lot of wood floors.  


We don't have a lot of "stuff" sitting around either.  We try to keep it easier to maintain and lots of stuff around is stressful for both of us.  Our main colors are cool blues, a little peach with it, and beiges, creams and white woodwork.  There are white shutters on all the windows--ones with big slats. 

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

In a word?  Animal.


From where I'm sitting I can see several art objects -- all animals.  Animal books on the shelves.  Dog toys on the floor.  Dog on the couch.


Oh -- and dog hair, too.  He's quite the shedder.

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Re: What Style is Your Home Interior?

Messy, with a touch of eccentric!