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Table Cloths

I used to always cover my kitchen and dining room tables with them.  I liked the cozy feel/look and enjoyed changing them occasionally even for holidays or special occasions. I've stopped using them and my tables are "naked". I do have centerpieces on them. I'm wondering if they are still being used or if the current home trend is not to use them. I know I should still use them if I want to; but, I'm just curious if they are still being used. 


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Re: Table Cloths

@Villagesbabe I cover my kitchen table with a seasonal table cloth because it's kind of age-worn. I leave my dining room table bare until we have guests. I have no idea what the current trend is. I'm sure more and more people have kitchen islands instead of tables.

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Re: Table Cloths

For our kitchen table, I use placemats.  In our 4-season room I use tableclothes related to the seasons.  During the off season months I like to use these:

download (1).png

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Re: Table Cloths

  I only use table cloths on holidays.Otherwise I use placemats.

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Re: Table Cloths

Placemats daily. Tablecloth over table pads in dining room.
Funny you mentioned this. I just was at dollar store checking if tgey had paper tablecloths. They were all plastic. I had toyed with putting paper over cloth for a meal the other day to save a wash but not wanting plastic feel.
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Re: Table Cloths

I don't know, I think it's a personal preference with table cloths these days. I have a big farm table in my summer kitchen that I actually use for counter space so when it's not in use I just have a runner and some sort of decoration on that. My great room only has a small tavern type table and I don't usually keep anything on that. When we have a meal though both tables get a table cloth.

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Re: Table Cloths

This style of tablecloth reminds me of my Mom.  She loved these and always had it in the "country blue" shade.  She kept it on our dining room table, until it was time to eat.  We weren't allowed to eat on it, for fear of spilling something on it.  At dinner time, it was a simple terry cloth tablecloth that washed and dried easily.  Funny, to this day, I do the same thing ~ though my choice now is my favorite Ralph Lauren pattern (Flower Shed) with pink depression bowl from my dear Gramma and pink depression candle sticks.  Of course , it's removed while eating and replaced with a simple stain resistant cloth. Smiley Happy


Thanks for the memory...

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Re: Table Cloths

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We just bought a small pub table for the kitchen and I’m just going to use placemats. We don’t have a dining room table but we have another pub table in the living room near the bar. That one we use nothing on but probably should use placemats. We don’t have a traditional dining area. It’s just the two of us. We eat where we eat.  Holidays we eat in the bar area. 


When we had a traditional table/sitting area I used to use table cloths but with cats they always had fur on them. Gave them up decades ago. 

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Re: Table Cloths

I just use place mats.  I don't see tableclothes being used on HGTV or the decorating websites.

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Re: Table Cloths

@Villagesbabe  I too love tablecloths and have a collection of beautiful linens.However, I have recently been updating my look with fresh paint and accessories and my friend who works in interior design suggested I replace my tablecloth with a table runner. They can be found everywhere on line but I really liked the selection on Williams Sonoma website. I wanted a fabric blend as many are 100% linen which can look too wrinkly for me.


It was an adjustment at first but I am now loving the look of my highly polished dining room table with damask table runner and autumn centerpiece. Even small changes can provide a much needed lift to a room. You might like to try it. Good luck!