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"The Gardener's Cottage" is such a lovely blog, created by a woman who, with her late husband, bought this 970 square foot vintage cottage as new empty nesters. 


Her instinctive style of decorating is one of the types of traditional decorating that has always appealed to me most--  classic, but quirky and flea markety.   But not "crowded, airless, fleamarkety".   It's airy, there are treasures, but everything can breathe.


With space somewhat at a premium, I like that they decided to use this compact antique wicker desk in lieu of a formal dining table.  Those balancing, but different, gilt mirrors--  love.



These gorgeous brown and cream curtains have a kind of vintage "sepia" toned quality....




That striking retro portrait just 'makes' the living room for me-- it's that unexpected, highly personal touch.


Screenshot_2021-04-23 Love this room, from The Gardner's Cottage blog Elegant simplicity Family living rooms, Home, Home de[...].png


That sapphire-and-green color combo is one of my favorites.



Easily washable slipcovers to me, always give a relaxed, devil-may-care feeling to a room.



Later, in her blog, you can see how she tweaks her look.  When she got her exquisite chinoiserie panels, she painted the armoire ecru, it looks like, for a lighter look.  Just noticed, that pierced silverplate tray she has on her coffee table--  I have the smaller version of that tray!



Sweet kitchen, perfectly in keeping with the mood of the house.



This shows that when she does have a dinner party, she can forget about the wicker table in the dining room, and improvise a bigger spread in the kitchen!  I like the touch of the bouquets in big galvanized metal vessels.Gardeners-Cottage-Kitchen-Janet-Korff-Chandelier-Viking-Stove-black-and-white.jpg


Her aesthetic is clearly seen even in this fab pantry.  Swoon.



Retro bathroom with toile.



A corner of the compact, delightful master bedroom.  In its earlier incarnation, she had just white walls.  I tend to like wallpaper only sparingly, but think this paper is darling in here.




I hope she continues her blog.  Some of the comments there suggest that the loss of her husband is making it hard to continue, understandably.  But it is a wonderful document of life well-lived.   She has also decorated a select few other houses, for lucky friends of hers, which at some point I hope to post here as well.


By the way, if you just generally google "gardener's cottage"--    the most wonderful images come up.  Look at this gardener's cottage in Ireland at Ballyfin.  You can see the slightly more *baroque* cottage style of the British Isles, as opposed to the more spare American style showcased above.  Brits tend to be more profligate with color, like I am, but I like both styles:


The "duck egg blue" here is just a tiny bit deeper than the blue in my living room.



Same cottage with more pretty color and horsy prints, slate floors.   Love Irish cottages.


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I have several items that look like some of her items.  In the picture with the footbasin in the side table, the picture she has facing us (a pastoral), I have that.  I also have a footwash basin that looks like that one.  I have the silver pierced tray that you are talking about.  I think mine is about 15 inches.  


These are very well-thought-out and decorated.  It's refreshing to see someone do so much with such a small space and it looks so perfect in every way.

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So enchanting and inviting! I love all of it and the way each room is so tastefully done and also very usable. The yard and flowers are amazing also.

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Besides her taste in decorating, I like that it is a collection that obviously has taken time to acquire over many years.

That's missing in a lot of these kinds of decorating spreads. 

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@ Oznell, I love this, it's exactly my style. I could move right in. Thank you so much for posting! You have brightened my daySmiley Happy 

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@Oznell , I could live in that cottage no problem!  Thanks for posting.  S

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@Oznell - It's beautiful!  👍 Thanks so much for posting all the pictures. 

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How cute.  I think it's a cozy and warm place.  The kitchen would need some work though.  Just a bit.  I also love the little pantry.

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Absolutely adorable!  She has a wonderful eye!

Thank you for the fantastic "eye candy"!Smiley Happy

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This is lovely.  I could easily live with this decor. Relaxing, cozy, cheerful, sunny, quaint...there are not enough adjectives to describe it.  Love it!