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Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

Have you recently done any inexpensive changes to a room just to give it a new/different look?


I purchased an shower curtain extension rod and a new white fabric waffle pattern shower curtain for my downstairs bathroom to "hide" the sliding shower door.  (Total cost - about $30).   


For the upstairs bathroom I found an excellent sale at Kohls (plus I had 30% coupon and another $5 coupon) and got a really nice set of bathroom towels (and a few extra hand towels and washcloths) which totalled about 12 pieces for $42.00 and a new shower curtain for $30. (Total cost - less than $75)


So for just a little over $100 I gave both of my bathrooms a new look and I love the change.


How about you - have you done some simple/inexpensive changes to rooms in your home lately?

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

I spent a bit more than you did, but I ordered new rubbed bronze vanity light and faucet to replace the original builder's grade chrome fixtures. Expected to arrive by mid week.

They are for the guest bathroom, which sees very little use. It was not a necessary change, but I guess I am always looking for the next home project or upgrade.Decided that changing the tub/shower fixtures was not necessary. 


Fortunately for my wallet, the remaining projects are few and inexpensive. I moved here 2 1/2 years ago and did all the big projects in the first 6 months.

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

We had the sliding doors on our tub removed and installed a rod and shower curtain.  So much better than those doors.



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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

To "jazz up" my apartment - I didn't spend much money at all to give it a "new" look.  Mostly just modified stuff I already had


I had six sheer panels on the triple living room window - alternating black and red sheers.  For a new look, I just knotted each one about six inches from the bottom and it looks like a V shaped panel hanging from the rod.  You can now see the stuff I've collected displayed on the window sill.


I'm on the 10th floor - with a western exposure to the NYC skyline and fabulous sunsets and  I love the way the knotted sheers look. 


I hung two of my larger colorful freeform pieces from a mirrored cabinet I have in one corner. 


I had a bamboo curtain between the kitchen and dining area.  I replaced that with matching knotted sheers, and added knotted sheers between the living room and the hallway to the bedroom and bathroom.


I had no more room for bookcases, but needed more shelves - I added a row of shelves with some inexpensive additions I found at Amazon.  


I moved my dressform  (her name is Tillie) into the bedroom - but want to bring her back out.  I like to display some of my "creations" on Tlliie.  

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

@ALRATIBA   I also have a vintage dress form she is on wheels.  It's a great piece I found in an antique store years ago - I wrapped a vintage scarf on the torso and use it in the bedroom with antique pins and broaches.  So many ways to use her.

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

Decluttered all rooms & closets.  I also cleared all my kitchen countertops of things from nick nacks to unused daily small appliances🙂🙂🙂.  Then sold most pieces of furniture, home decor, bakeware, tableware.  The biggest change was my pantries cleaned & purged. 


 instead of shopping furniture stores I hunted for perfect pieces of "used".  Saving lots of $$$ and found exactly what I wanted( I've become a thrift store junkie😉although I've been good at not buying).


Now, I have the look I want fresh, uncluttered and can find something when I need it🙂🙂


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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms


I've also decluttered & purged stuff. I decided to display my favorite collectibles and get rid of the rest. My DH really likes to hold onto things, but he did purge his VHS & DVD collection. They all fit on one large shelving unit now instead of various scattered shelves all over the house. 



Sounds like you did a great job sprucing up your bathrooms!


I spent more money than I wanted on reupholstering our dining chairs, but I'm very satisfied with the results. I've moved furniture pieces around in the same room & from one room to another which costs nothing, except maybe some back pain afterwards. 🥴 I think new paint is an inexpensive & easy way to change the look of a room. 

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

I've recently hung a new curtain rod in the living room - I'd been frugal for some years and stuck with the old cafe rod that was there when we moved in but I relented for something new.  It's nice, and does make a positive difference.


The funny thing is, the day I hung it my DH was upstairs on a conference call, one of the most important ones he ever has, with lots of people, and there was loud uproar over "whoever was making all that noise needs to mute".  It was me.  The rod was installed on the same wall as his office setup, just downstairs.  Bang, bang, bang.  Tap tap tap BANG


I'm going to start painting and though it is a fairly cheap fix, I hate the whole process.  When I was younger it was exciting.  Not now.

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

I did like towels, rug, and boho shower curtain in guest bathroom. Also new inexpensive area rug from esalerugs dot com in den/office. New kitchen rug from Ballard and two new barstools. New pendant light fixture on stairway landing. New lamps on either side of our bed. Nothing extravagant, but the little changes seem to perk things up. 

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Re: Inexpensive Changes to Update Rooms

I'm looking for a new shower curtain in my main bathroom. The old one has been there for quite a while and it's time to refresh it.