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Re: Slide in Kid's Room

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It's a very nice room, but no way would I have a kid living there.  The slide is bad enough, but doors to the outside or deck.  

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NO to everything in this long will a "slide" last....waste of craftsmanship and architecture!

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what a cute idea!

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This is not a kid's bedroom.  It belongs to someone older than a child and, I agree, the slide just feels out of place.  I wouldn't have a problem with the slide if it were actually for a kid's bedroom though.

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This slide looks strange & dangerous to me. 


My adult niece and her husband had a slide installed inside their house from their second story to their first floor. The ceilings are very high on the first floor so this is a very tall slide. They don’t have kids, and they are both doctors. I think it is an accident waiting to happen. I wish I had a picture to show you. 



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Yucck....It doesn't look that much like a kids room...and the "slide" looks more like an architectural element...

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