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I do not care for the slide and see no purpose for it.  I agree with other posters, that room doesn't look like a child's room.  I wish my room as an adult was that spacious!!!!!

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Nope .... not necessary..... the “stuff” in a bedroom whether it’s a kis bedroom or an adults  should entice sleep not play 😃

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I don't care for it and it could danger.

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This room is very well done.  However, I don't see it really has a "kid" room.  And, I hope the slide is removable.  Love the striped upholstery used as the headboard.  I would change out the heavy drapes for a more lighter weight & shade.

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to me it doesn't even look like a slide.  it looks more like some kind of exercise slide/plank.  

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It does not look like a kid's room to me and it does not look like a slide to be.  It looks like an interesting closet door design.  

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The slide should have a railing of some sort because if a child fell off, they are falling on a hard floor.

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I love Dreamon's phrase: "the room of a very immature adult."

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Other than the slide, it doesn't look like a kids' room.


I'm sure kids would love the slide though.

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@Carol Diane wrote:

It doesn't really look like a kid's room to me other than the slide.

It looks like the kid is 30 🤣