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Just curious if anyone has won a $25 QVC gift card when they spin the wheel.  I've been doing it every day and always get "sorry". 

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I missed that there was a contest.  I've never won on any contest the q has held.

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Re: Scott Brothers Contest

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I gave up on all that stuff. I used to go online and fill out the surveys you get on your receipt from the big stores. Have never won a thing. Wonder if anyone has ever won that way either? 

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I have tried every day and get the same as you do "SORRY". I think I should have come to the conclusion that this contest is fixed. This is a no win situation. It must kill QVC to hand out $25 gift cards with all they money they make each year.

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Bueller?... Bueller?... Bueller?   Nope, I've played but haven't won anything.

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I also received the same message...sorry!  Do you think they will post who actually won the contest here?  Would be nice if they clued us in.

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where do you spin the wheel

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I've done the same and only get would be nice to know someone has won.

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I Played Every Day And Didn't Win On The Spin Smiley Sad Also Who Were The Winners Of The Contest ?

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I was going in most days and entering. Usually I lost. On two occasions I won but the site came back with -sorry you didnt win! The first time it landed on a winning space and the screen switched to the "sorry" screen. The second time the wheel came to a dead stop on a winning space, sat there for a few seconds and moved to a loosing space! then the "sorry" screen. I wrote to customer service and got back a canned response about random winners. I wrote back but got no response. I definitely won both times. It was obviously fixed.