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What a beautiful view! 


I like the architecture of the room too. Not really loving the furnishings though. The sofa is ok. I could easily love this space with my furniture & accessories. 



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I like the red accents.

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Gorgeous! I love the red rose color accents. 

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I like the clean and light look of this room.

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I love this room! I really enjoy a room with a casual/comfortable vibe; but still looks "done".

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Beautiful room and view. 

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I agree with you on all three counts, @Wilma7500 --  I like the architecture, love the view, and do not like the furnishings.  Too 'pedestrian' and ill-thought-out for the space.

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Ahhhh. Love it. I would have the side chairs a different color, but wow, this room is my style. 


Thank you for sharing. HOME is my favorite forum spot. 

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Normally I don't like a lot of natural light - but in this instance it works.  


Lovely view - but furnishings are a bit too "sterile" for my taste.  As I've mentioned before - I'm too messy for white/light colored furniture and rugs.


And, that end table with the books is rather odd.

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Ivory and "American Beauty" rose, as it was called, had a moment in the 50s. Very dramatic and glamorous. This room reminds me of that. It's a beautiful room, and I agree that with that architecture and view, almost anything would work. 


I don't know about you, but I find I'm becoming more impatient with rooms that look like they were decorated solely and specifically in order to look good in photographs. Not that I don't enjoy the photographs--I love looking at the stuff you post, @Wilma7500, and the discussions that follow. But the rooms often look staged to me, or maybe designed for lobbies or movie sets.


I have questions:

  • Love that sofa, and the armchairs look "sittable," and those ottomans (ottopersons?) could be kicked around so I could put my feet up. But would I? Even if it disturbed the  photogenic placements of each piece?
  • Did someone really discover that big white jar on the wall and pounce on it with joy because they loved it so much? Or was it put there because the specifications said, "one decorative item, wall mounted, 20" tall, white?"
  • I wonder how cozy the room would look at night, when the pretty view turned into a wall of reflective black? 
  • Would I actually use the coffee table, even though there's not room to walk in and set down a tea tray, and I'd have to perch on the very edge of my seat reach my cup anyway? 
  • Do I really want to precisely rearrange all those pillows every time I plop down on the sofa for a few minutes?
  • And if I can't put my feet up, have tea without making a fuss, entertain without setting out side tables or something, and so forth, what would I use this room for? 

Maybe there's a larger question. Although I'm objecting to the over-perfection of these photographs, at the same time, I admit I probably wouldn't want to look at photographs of the never-completely-controlled chaos of ordinary rooms. It's kind of like the discussions that sometimes pop up in this forum about whether the models should be tall and thin, or more like most of us. There's this discrepancy between what we idealize and how we are. Is it inspiring, or does it make us feel we are coming up short? Maybe spending lots of time at home is an opportunity for each of us to find a new, more natural balance between appearance and functionality and comfort.