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There is a steam mop that I have had on my wishlist for quite some time. It's the 

Sienna Luna Micro Pulse Steam Mop with UV Light. Everywhere I look this one has exceptionally good reviews. It has a vibrating mode where it shakes the dirt off your floors. Sort of like a sonic toothbrush in a way.

Here's the description of it:


"Sienna Luna Micro Pulse Steam Mop with UV Light

Cleaning's never fun, but this Luna steam cleaner makes the job go quicker and easier. Ground in dirt is no problem with three levels of micro pulse cleaning that let you dust, mop and scrub all types of sealed floors. There's also a dust sensor that highlights areas that need cleaning or that you might have missed. You have plenty to do around the house, let the Luna steam mop free up your day for lunch with friends."


This mop costs anywhere from about $100 to $150 depending on the accessories you buy with it. I plan on getting this Luna when my Shark dies. 

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@LoveMyBaby, I love that mop. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s great. 

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@qvcfreak wrote:

@LoveMyBaby, I love that mop. I’ve had it for a few months and it’s great. 

Yep, I own the Shark carpet and floor cleaner and the Haan steamer. Both great, but very time consuming and by the time I get them situated, plugged in, ready to go, I'm done mopping with the spin mop and putting it away. It's efficient, fast and cheap. A squirt of Dawn dish soap and/or vinegar and hot water and away I go 👍🏼 When I do the bathroom tile I put a shot of bleach in the water. I have hardwood floors, and pewabic tile in the vestibule.


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LOVE my spin mop too. Easy to use and does a really great job!!! 

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A Swiffer Wet Jet is great for quick mopping.