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One of the projects on my list this year is to tear out the tile in my master bathroom and have it retiled.


I have replaced most everything in there except the shower tile.


I watched a program with Kristin Bell and Mila Kunis where they had a family member's home remodeled through Houzz.


It looked pretty interesting so I finally checked out the website.


It looks like a different version of Home Advisor because contractors will contact you. Someone sent me an e mail already.


I will call the guy but I did not have good luck with Home Advisor. The ones who contacted me really did not match with what I wanted to get done.


Anyone use contractors through Houzz?


I was watching a bunch of HGTV a couple of weeks ago and got inspired by some of the tile.





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When you buy the tile ask for 3 recommendations from the store. 

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No, but I've had excellent experiences with Angie's List.

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I've only used Home Advisors. The plumbing company was at our house within an hour. It was crazy how fast but that's who we use now. Prices lower than thought but it depends on where you live I'm sure.

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Had bad luck with home advisors and the quality of their contractors  Will not use again,