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Now that I have arthritis in one knee, I'm not getting on hands and knees anymore to wash two small floor areas.  But I need a mop. What's your recommendation? Thanks.

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@qualitygal wrote:

Now that I have arthritis in one knee, I'm not getting on hands and knees anymore to wash two small floor areas.  But I need a mop. What's your recommendation? Thanks.


@qualitygal Hands-down a spin mop! This is best invention since sliced bread! I own this brand, however there are several on the market with different retailers, both on-line and B&M. If you have an Ace Hardware nearby, I'm sure they have one.

Walmart, etc. It's so easy to use and does a good job. Around $30.  

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I have wood floors throughout my house.  I also have a dog and live in the northeast.  Needless to say, my floors, in the winter, have doggie foot prints from the front door thru to the kitchen Smiley Happy

I own a BONA which I purchased from Walmart.  I am a clean freak and I found that it is the easiest and the fastest.  I went thru all the mops - the swiffers, the wringing ones, the sponge ones.  The BONA is the easiest for me.  It comes with a pad that you just velcro on, it has a plastic bottle attached to it - you can either use their cleaning solution or your own.  I do vinegar and water.  Works perfectly on my wood floors and is not harmful to my dog. When you are done mopping, simply throw the pad in the washing machine.

   I highly recommend this mop.  aND, I'm 70 and no longer doing the hands and knees thing either! Smiley Happy


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we have a spin mop allso. it cleans so well and hands never touch dirty water.

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yes, thanks for those.  Somehow the Haslet thing didn't quite do it for my purposes, but good deal and I'll know where to go.  I have area that does need the vinegar and water and the other area, I think it now will have to go that way too. Thanks again all.

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I like the Haan floor steamer.

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I use a Shark steam mop. Let the steam do the 'scrubbing'...melts away grease, grime and kills germs.

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I use an older version of the Don Asslett microfiber duster/wet mop like this,1&op_sharpen=1&id=iHZlB1&fmt=jpg&fit=constrain,1...


It isn't for everyone, but I don't want anything 'throw away' that has to be constantly replaced, I can use it dry or wet, and mine has lasted for well over a decade. 


You have to get your hands in water but I just wet and rinse it out in the sink. I can use on any hard surface, including sealed wood, and the mop pads are machine washable. 


I don't want buckets and multiple big head mops to store, and don't have use for a steamer (have a lot of carpet, just a couple of areas of hard flooring). 


Some cleaning systems and processes have just too much stuff and equipment for what we really need to do the job, and I try not to get caught up in having a bunch of fancy or expensive stuff for what few hard floors I have. It is easy to get carried away.

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I second the Haan Steamer.  I use it on my laminated floors as well as vinyl in one of our guest bathrooms.

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I'm another vote for the Hahn floor steamer. It is quick and easy and works on most floor surfaces. I really like that the floor pads are washable. I refuse to spend $ on throw away cleaning items.