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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

Your tree is gorgeous!!! I think Christmas should be a fun holiday and that it should be enjoyed. Now that being said everyone has different levels of what brings them joy about it and what they want to do to celebrate it. If you aren't in the mood to do the big tree then you shouldn't do it. Unless you have little ones there is no need to do what you aren't in the mood for. You might find if you start getting out some of your other decorations if you put things around it may make you feel like you really do want to put up the tree. If not that is alright too. I love decorating inside and out and doing it all up but I have had a couple years through the years that I just didn't want to so I didn't. It was no problem at all and I didn't feel bad in any way about it.

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

@Regal Bee


You can decide whether or not to decorate the tree this year, but if I had a tree that looked like that I may never take it down!! It's absolutely gorgeous...beautiful jobHeartHeartHeart

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

regal bee. your tree and livingroom looks awesome . love it.

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

The OP is probably worn out from all the dusting. 

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

I'm at a place where I want to avoid burn out. So, what I do one year (quantity wise) may not be what I do the next. 


There has to be a motivator for me. Am I feeling really good this year (I deal with inflammatory issues, and go through periods where every step is painful and everything I do is a chore)? Am I having lots of guest that I'm excited about and want to do things up special because of events I'll be hosting? Will the people who live here care one way or the other?


Or, am I doing it only because I think I should or because I always have?


I never do more than two trees, the one in the living room is only a 5 footer, and I do it with picks and vintage family pictures in gold frames, so it is easy and quick to set up, but elegant and unique. 


I do a six footer in the family room with all our family heirloom, collected over a lifetime ornaments. If I only felt like doing one, I honestly don't think anyone but me would care.


I think people should do what makes them happy, and if multiple trees is it, jump in. 


If you start to question it, skip it or scale it back. If you don't use the things for several years, it might be time to pare it back permanently, but there is no hurry to get rid of things until you find a lot of time passes and you still don't have the interest (or time or energy) to keep doing it.


I'm getting to the place where I don't really have people around me who care that much (many have passed that I enjoyed doing for). One tree is good enough for those left, they really don't participate much in the decorating, so it is really all my thing, whether the holiday sparse or over done. 


I'm still pondering what I will and won't do this year. 

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

@Regal Bee wrote:

I love Christmas and always go overboard. No one here would know anything about that, right?! Smiley Wink


Some years I put up three or even four trees and this one from last year is huge. It took me all day to decorate it. I can't decide about taking it from the attic or not. For some reason, I am just not 'feeling it' this year. Perhaps I am worn out from cooking....that could be it. Smiley Surprised


Do you ever do this? Do you have a hard times.....deciding whether to put up a tree(s) or not?


Just wondering. Would love your thoughts to help me gain some perspective.


QVC Tree RT.jpg



@Regal Bee  I will always put up three trees, well one stays up all year, but the question always is do I put up the three dining room trees, not shaped like Christmas trees, and slender with different themes.  This year I am, the last two years I did not put the three smaller trees up.


I do know that if I am tired and overwhelmed just thinking about all of the work decorating will entail, I am not in the mood, but as December draws near, I am put into the mood, and then look out, I go nuts!

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

Instead of putting up the huge tree this year - why not put up one of your other trees. Maybe you won't feel so overwhelmed. That is a beautiful tree but maybe this is a year to downsize.


Maybe next year you will feel like decorating the large tree again.

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

Thanks for all your thoughts....such wise words from so many of you.


I may scale back a bit this year....I mentioned this to my husband and he seemed to be in favor. We'll see. Smiley Tongue


Thanks again.

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

If you're not feeling it, cut back.  Do what makes you happy.  Every year I say I'm going to put up my tree and every year I don't.  LOL.  

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Re: Big Tree ~ Just Can't Decide

I know exactly how you feel!


Those big trees are a job to decorate. I got rid of my 12 ft tree thinking I wanted to downsize so off I went looking at nine ft. trees. Well, I am back to looking at the 12 ft ones. Then I think of the work and time and then start re-thinking that idea. I keep going back and forth.