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@SilleeMee wrote:

I do like some of it. Not crazy about conventional military-looking camo but I like abstract designs that mimic nature in it's colors and shapes.


Camouflage has an interesting history, originating in France for their military who hired artists to paint their military equipment so it was disguised to be unnoticeable...sort of ironic to say the least....'unoticeable' yet in fashion.

I don't  have any camo clothing.  maybe I should  look into getting some pants.  Perhaps it will make my generous booty not be noticed.

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IMHO camo used to be COOL and now it's COO COO...overdone!


I love cats and animals of all kinds, however, don't like wearing any animal prints, seems odd to me or feels odd to me.  Maybe i'm just odd.Cat Wink

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I don't care for camo at all.  I do like some animal prints though.

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I love camo And own several tops, but they are all subtle.  I hste animal prints and own none. To each their own, you don't have to order.