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That's it, short and sweet - wonder if anyone else is tired of same old, same old camo prints across the board?

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Words can not express my dislike for camo prints + animal.  (is that how it's spelled?)


This is my short and not so sweet comment.


I just don't watch that stuff anymore.

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I hate camo, but It's not all about me. LOL

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Personal preference, no judgements - never have and never will wear camo or animal prints.  Just not me!

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I don't wear animal prints. I did have giraffe print purse that I loved.

I wear camo. I have a cute pull over, half zip up from Isaac Mizrahi & a camo print long cardigan from Nine West. 

I like them. My husband likes them. 

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I like camo and I like animal prints. I don't have a lot of either, but I like them. I think everyone is showing way too much of both. How much of that can you own? I think I have a couple of each. I feel like I have enough, even though I like both.

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I've never purchased anything in camo.  Don't think I ever will.  {*_*}



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Re: Too much camo

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Faux fur and hunting.....nope, not going there.  Just my lifestyle.

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I do like some of it. Not crazy about conventional military-looking camo but I like abstract designs that mimic nature in it's colors and shapes.


Camouflage has an interesting history, originating in France for their military who hired artists to paint their military equipment so it was disguised to be unnoticeable...sort of ironic to say the least....'unoticeable' yet in fashion.

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Got to say I like Camo. Don't like hunting camo,but i have many shades of camo.