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I like some camo and some animal.  I happen to love leopard print and have a few tops with that.  I don't own much in camo except Kim Gravel's camo cuffed Flexibelle jeans in olive and blue.   I wear both prints and solids, depends on my mood.

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I like camo but I don't wear it - too old.


I do not wear animal prints.  To me it's like wearing fake fur.  

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What? You don’t like it so no one else should have it either? Get out of here with that.

It’s not for me, but I’m not bothered by it.
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I never bought any when it first popped up a few years back, figuring it was a short-lasting fad.  Well its still around so I did buy two "cheap" pieces this year.  One from Walmart and one from Lunchtime specials.  

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I like all . I keep a few animal prints in my wardrobe that I wear now and then . I do not believe I have any camo but am open to it. I do not believe purple or pink camo would be a good choice for hunters or military Smiley Happy


I saw a 'marbled' print somewhere on these pages the other day that I thought was attractive and wouldn't mind trying.

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I'm not a fan of camo prints. It reminds me too much of hunting or the military. That's not a style I want to wear. I see a lot of camo being sold on the Q, but I don't see a lot of it being worn in my city.

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I'm not a hunter nor a military veteran.  Don't wear camo of any kind.

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Why would I be tired of something I don't like and would never buy????  Sure, they do sell a lot of camo but I don't pay any attention to it.  

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@FranandZoe wrote:

I like camo but I don't wear it - too old.


I do not wear animal prints.  To me it's like wearing fake fur.  

One is never too old to wear camo if you like it and feel comfortable. I can see some fashions might be too old, but a woman can rock camo at any age. 

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I really like camo...especially grey and black camo. I have couple of tops in that I wear often. There was a nice sweater with a camo print choice on Kim Gravel's Q2 show today that I liked...added to my wishlist and will wait for the next free shipping day and/or a lower sale price.

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