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I bought this jacket several years ago before camo became so popular. I just liked the leaf print on it and the colors. It's made by Carhartt.


Carhartt 102746 - Women's Shoreline Printed Jacket | Dungarees

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I never liked camo.

I’m surprised to see so much on qvc, I rarely see anyone wearing it around here.
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Most camo lovers usually  like the traditional olive camo.  Since that's not a good color on me I like gray and blue camos.  I like camo better than animal print but I have one brown/black leopard print blouse I like.  I think animal prints in blue, yellow, green, any colors besides what's in nature look silly.

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@just wonder wrote:

That's it, short and sweet - wonder if anyone else is tired of same old, same old camo prints across the board?


@just wonder 


I'm not a fan of many prints, but camo is definitely one I stay away from.  Doesn't matter the color.


The other day I was looking for a new batch of the disposable masks, and a store had them in both leopard and camo prints.  All I can say is .... Ugh

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I have been a camo lover from way back and before it was popular.  I have never been a conservative dresser and it is one of the few prints I like.  I am a jeans person and wear them everywhere except for maybe a few weddings I go to.

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I think they show a lot of camo and animal print and not a big fan here.  I just don't buy.  I maybe have a piece in each and about it.  I favor camo more and animal prints makes me feel old for some reason along with too much bling.  Not that I'm young either.  


Several designers on the Q so we are going to see a lot of the same kind of trends.  






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Re: Too much camo

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Good looking jacket by a great brand.  That jacket will probably last forever @SilleeMee .

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I can't stand camo or animal prints in any iteration, don't own any and won't buy any.  It always has and still does look cheap to me. 

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@just wonder   I do like olive in sweaters, jackets. I also like camo (in the standard, original olive tones). A few pieces are sufficient...too much of it is overkill.

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i wear Camo and Olive is one of my best colors . i like to pair olive camo with burnt orange and warm reds.


i have a purple tone camo mask and a cute camo cap. idk it doesnt bother me if others don't like it...


suits the wearer not the starer...