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@faeriemoon wrote:

I don't wear them; I don't like the double layer factor.


Also, regarding Denim & Co., my guess is that the legs of the shorts would be very wide.  (They assume everyone has big thighs.)

@faeriemoon If you have too much behind ~ I get the feeling it will have a ride up in the back look.  This is my problem and I'm scared to even consider skorts.  Aside from the double layer factor.  The skort part won't hide my behind.  If it rides up in the back it will draw attention to it, dang it.

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Skorts are a no from me.  


I'd rather wear either shorts or a skirt.  Having 2 layers of fabric is annoying to me.  

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Macy's sells a brand that's nice - Karen Scott - lots of skorts.


I'm not crazy about them - too hot when the weather is very hot due to double layer of shorts and a skirt.  


I love Karen Scott skimmer shorts - they're just below my knee.  

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I have quite a few skorts.  Some have a close fitting body huddling shirt underneath and some have a pair of regular shorts underneath.


I stopped buying them because I decided I don't like wearing them all that much because 


I hate when the shorts ride up.


I am always adjusting something.


The waist on every pair grows while they are on..after a few hours, they feel like they are going to fall down.


They look better with the top tucked in....I prefer to wear the top untucked


Shorts or a normal skirt are more comfortable and easier to wear.