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All of my skorts are from Loudmouth Golf, Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour and Puma. They're specifically made for golf, so the undershorts are compression material. If that's not something you'd want, you'll want to shop for skorts from a fashion line, rather than an activewear one. 

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I bought all the Quacker Factory Dream Jeannes skorts except in white because I don't wear white bottoms. They're comfortable and the shorts didn't peek out.  They have new skorts on the website if you want to check them out. 

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Dillards is where I had the scadic nerve issue.  I work at the Talbots Outlet.  Love this team!!!!!Smiley Happy

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I bought 4 of them from Kohl's 2 years ago and they are wonderful & still look nice..  Not hot, no panty hanging out & they are dressy enough for me to wear to church.  I have Indigo, Red, White and a Blue & White gingham check.  Even my dh tells me how nice I look.  

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I just purchased a pair from Macys'-very comforatble and very reasonably priced as well...

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Oh they are great!  I have a few.  I still wear shorts though.  I'm in one or the other.  I wear them in to fall.  I love short skirts, dislike the midi dresses and skirts.  I usually wear them above the knee anyway.  So if I get them from QVC, it's longer then what I want.  The model has the length I want, but they are 5'10" and I'm barely 5'4". So I go to the store for them to try on.  

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@faeriemoon wrote:

I don't wear them; I don't like the double layer factor.


Also, regarding Denim & Co., my guess is that the legs of the shorts would be very wide.  (They assume everyone has big thighs.)


I do know what you mean about vendors' assumptions.

Susan Graver seems to think, one would assume from the fit, that regardless of size we all have thick arms! I have one of her blazers, very cute, but even rolling the sleeves doesn't keep them up! Forget about jujing! They quickly slide down regardless..

One would think that the size of someone's arms, and legs, would coincide with rest of their body!

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I like them, especially when they are not too short.


Looking like a skirt, yet with shorts underneath. 


I feel more comfortable.


Also, while I'm here, I like leggings with an attached skirt, as long as the skirt isn't too-too short.  

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I don't own any skorts, I have been thinking about trying one. I'm tall, so I would want a longer one.

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I think skorts are too hot to wear in the summertime. After all, it's layering two garments together...too hot for me.  I don't wear skorts.