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What is up with Isaac and the necklaces????

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@mjd1954 wrote:

What is up with Isaac and the necklaces????

mjd1954 - He is wearing them because he is selling them on his website and his necklaces are not always shown on air.

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Guess he likes wearing them.  

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I also saw him wearing twice I think, toe nail polish. 

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I like Isaac.  I see that the model is wearing the same necklace as he is on air. 


I used to watch him on one of the designer shows (like Project Runway), and can't remember the name of the show, but thought he was great, had great advice and wasn't condescending towards the upcoming designers like others seemed to be, and have found his clothing line on QVC to be well made and accurately sized.

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But they look ridiculous on him.  

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I posted about this and it was deleted.  At first I thought he was wearing earrings and a necklace but I saw others wearing them so I guess they are earphones.  It does not make me want to buy them.  It looks better to point them out on the model who might be dressed to show them off.

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then again —.  If he hadn’t worn his jewelry and disturbed some posters I wouldn’t have known he had a jewelry line beyond his watches.



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of course it's not something we always see on a man, but hey. he's not harming anyone, he wears it because he's selling it, it may make him happy to wear it, so let's let him be. 

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If you are going to badmouth someone, at least spell their name correctly!


And who cares what he is wearing?