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@lavendar wrote:

I've been in and out of the hospital this year; large stores exhaust me. I never did shop at the large stores.

Re keeping business's afloat: there are small stores in my neighborhood I frequent. Boutique style. I've always shopped that way.


Cotton was always expensive. I'm aware of the current reasons. I  don't mind paying for it. I bought three cotton dresses from the Q. One on sale and one marked down for the day. One cotton ''As is." Celebrating my eightieth birthday this month.

I assume there are woman willing to pay the prices. Sometimes time is more valuable than money.


OIP (1).jpegI hope you continue to get better. I want to wish you an early happy birthday. May you enjoy many more. Take care.

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I noticed that some of the places you mentioned, also have FREE return policy. And they also send you the summary of items with return label. I have shopped at Venus, they have very nice quality and very reasonable prices

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Happy Early Birthday... 🥳

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I bought 3 beautiful dresses by Donna Karen from Macys. Gorgeous and they were only $55.00. I also bought a dress from Australian designer. It was marked down to $69.00 from $199.00. Just gorgeous. Q’s clothes are old fashioned and way too expensive. Not worth half the price they are selling. I only like Issac’s 24/7 but his prices have doubled. So now I am getting Calvin Klein and DKNY.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes. Makes up for the tongue lashing I got for my shopping habits. I don't think the three dresses I bought this year made a difference. The Macy's near me closed down before the pandemic and I've never been in the stores mentioned. It's the small business's I feel for. 


When I was twenty two I was told I wouldn't make it to forty because of Crohn's disease. Well here I am turning eighty and intend to keep doing it in style.

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Both qvc and hsn are high on their fashions..every once in a while you will see an OK deal but for the most part they're outrageous and they don't look good either..both channels are trying to sell sweaters and coats and jackets in the springtime which is funny to me because it's hot..
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Yes, Qvc is high priced for the quality you get and poor return policy.   I shop at our local Mall and can find better prices and quality. There are two boutiques in our town that I also frequent for more upscale/formal wear.

Macy's, Penny's, Old Navy, LL Bean, HSN, and the ever reliable Amazon are also places that offer better pricing and quality.  I seldom purchase anything from qvc.  Be it the prints, styling or price, better can be found elsewhere.

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@lavendar wrote:

Are prices at the Q competive with store prices? I haven't been in a brick and mortar store since before the pandemic.


I decided to buy some summer clothes and started watching the Q. Was surprised at some of the prices, especially for Q brands like D&C.


Did buy some dresses from Isaac. I can only wear cotton in the summer and cotton dresses have always been high.


I expect a brand like Nic and Zoe to be high because they are not a Q brand.


If I went shopping now would the Q reflect prices or are they lower/higher?

@lavendar  I think it depends on quality and where you shop.  Prices are in line for what you get with Arthropologie but if you shop for mark-downs on JCrew, Ann Taylor, or any of the other medium-line (what the Brits would call) High Street shops, I think Q is higher.


Quality sets the pricing but so does name brand..  If you compare Lafayette 148 to Q prices, perhaps Q is a bargain.  Lafayette 148 has great quality but a great markup as well.  Of course, the Q is a much lesser quality but also a lesser price.

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QVC has increased the cost of almost every fashion item to the point of ridiculousness!!!  I don't know how we can continuously purchase clothing at these prices.  I know there have been increases all around the U.S. in all areas, but I didn't think QVC would raise their prices as high as they have.  It would be better if they put items on sale more often and not have this "One Day Only" price or "This House Only Price," which I feel is not fair to people who canot watch the show 24 hours a day.  Recently, I have purchased some higher priced clothing but I'm not happy about it.  I loved Louis Dell'Olio's clothing line but for some reason, they discontinued him a few years ago.  This was unfortunate because his clothing was very well made and beautiful.  The best vendors at QVC, in my opinion, are Isaac Mizrahi and Susan Graver.  Thank you for reading my comments, ladies.

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birthday image for female friend | Lavender flowers, Purple flowers,  Lavender



Happy birthday @lavendar!  I like shopping here too.  The size charts help, and I don't have to run around.  I like cotton too.  Lots of poly out there.


I don't know where you are, but if you like things here and are not buying that much, running around looking for sales won't save you that much $$!  Happy shopping!