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Does anyone else not like the modal fabric. 

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I have a few sets of pajamas that are made of modal - and I don't like it. I prefer cotton or cotton/rayon blend.


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I love it, but love it more in a tiny knit with cotton and some spandex.

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No.  Dislike it a lot.  Something the way it drapes too closely over the body.  Very revealing fabric.  Don't mean see through.  Every curve and outline exposed.  



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Love modal! Have many clothing pieces with modal in it. 

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I like how soft it is.
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I love it and prefer it

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@DJP wrote:

Does anyone else not like the modal fabric. 



Me. My experience is it shows every figure flaw...yes, it's soft and comfortable, but not a flattering material. JME. (Just My Experience) with past purchases. 

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it's awful

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I like the feel of modal and it washes and dries well.  Unfortunately, it hugs every curve. Very clingy.