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On 4/3/2015 Mindy D said:

There are a few cliques on these boards. Sometimes it reminds me of high school. For the most part, I have gotten some darn good advice here. It's kinda like having Martha Stewart, Dr. Oz, an encyclopedia on beauty products and how tos, a free personal shopper, and tech support all in one place. Thank you ladies.


I , too, now the cliques.

"friends don't let friends drink white zinfandel"
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On 3/29/2015 shoekitty said:

Over the years I have learned a few things to be true, in my life anyway. If you have money, you do not talk about it. I have also learned it is best not to talk if you have it and not to talk if you don't have it. I have found the people with the most fabulous jobs and incomes never feel the need to share how well they have done, especially with strangers. They know who they are, and what they have, they do not boast. I believe one's life is no better than another's life, it is just different. We are all just different. And as far as "money" rich goes, a 100,000 in one part of the country does not spend like 100,000 in another part of the country.

To answer your post cookie, no, I do not always believe them. These boasting posts are pretty rare. But I guess it makes them feel better. I think I have more of a problem with the pompous, no-it-all's, who flaunt knowledge like a weapon against the evil "idiots". LOL! It is pretty easy to copy and paste articles off the internet without real knowledge of the entire subject. But, I guess it makes for good conversation. Posters go back and forth with copy and paste for 200 posts, before they get worn out. JMHO and nothing else.

There are some pretty great posters on the forums, that is the good part!

shoekitty--You are very wise: thank you so much for sharing! Smile

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I think most posters are very consistent . I have no reason not to believe them.
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On 4/1/2015 Sister Golden Hair said:
On 3/29/2015 shoekitty said:
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On 3/29/2015 Bestdressed said:

I think there are a lot cliques on many BB (not just here.) They have a tendency to ignore outsiders. It is shame to see some posters ganged up and bullied...much worse then a bunch of middle school children.

As far as fake posters...I think many talk to themselves with different id's...which is hilarious!

Hmmm...Maybe I should do that...since I started a post this morning about the HSN clearance sale and not 1 person responded. My alter ego would have conversed with!

Occasionally I go over to a certain board and post. No one responses and later on someone else will post basically the same thing I said earlier on in the thread, and others will respond to that "well known" poster and say something about her they'd never read the same thing before in my post. I give up. It is so weird feeling ignored or invisible. {#emotions_dlg.scared} ha...ha...ha...


I hear you on being ignored. I feel like that a lot. I quit responding on certain forums and threads, because they might be "exclusive". You can answer the OP question, and about 10 posts later someone else will respond with the SAME answer as me. The OP will ignore all but that one person. It is a little insulting.

I loved your post about me being a bean counter.

I thought I was only invisible on ONE board. My record is now 2
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these forums are no different than Facebook or can create a life that you want to portray