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She was on Dr. Oz yesterday and gave a great interview. She talked about her weight and other issues. She had a physical and everything is fine. Her weight loss is attributed to taking Tamoxifen, which she has to take for 10 years, following her cancer treatment. She wants to have another baby, and her doctor told her she could have her eggs harvested while taking the medication, and the embryos should be ok. She also talked about adoption. I like her hair now that its back to her natural color. I'm glad she's ok!

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Happen to be switching channels and caught her comment as to why the back shot of her at the awards show seemed to indicate anorexia--- she had surgery for severe scoliosis and that causes her shoulder blades to protrude. I wonder why she chooses to wear clothing that causes folks to think she's anorexic???
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On 4/9/2015 jlkz said: I wonder why she chooses to wear clothing that causes folks to think she's anorexic???

I am glad she is O.K., too.

You make a good point. Yes, it is her prerogative to wear what she likes, but she does seem to favor things that really show her thin arms, back, etc. I guess the medication mentioned above has something to do with it, but I am sure she likes being very thin.

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I have a friend that takes that medicine and didn,t make her lose weight, just tired and constipated.
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Usually tamoxifen does not cause weight loss but everyone is different but she is just so thin...but, I do think her gowns and dresses are exquisite. I don't think she does a good job on FP but her choice of clothing is always stunning but do call attention to her thinness
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Funny how she is changing her story about the weight loss and saying she wants to gain weight.

When she was trying to get pregnant she said (on the View) her doctor wanted her to gain 10 pounds. She said because of the nature of her occupation and that she was always in the public eye, she felt gaining weight would jeopardize her career.

I do not believe anything she says. It's pretty obvious she is still lying about the Fashion Police incident. There was a full audience at the taping and some present have tweeted what she is now saying is not true.

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I don't believe anything she says. She's so self-absorbed

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There is a long list of side effects with Tamoxifen but weightloss or anything you would think could cause weightloss like nausea and/or vomiting is not a side effect.

Me thinks she's not being honest. In previous interviews she has said she is an eater, loves her food but has a fast metabolism. She said she thought it would catch up to her but so far it hasn't.

Now all of a sudden it's from the Tamoxifen.

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On 4/9/2015 qvcaddition said: I have a friend that takes that medicine and didn,t make her lose weight, just tired and constipated.
My friend gained on it
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lulu2: Yes, I often recall that episode. But, couldn't recall exactly, more or less, what she said. Well said, BTW. .... Always wishing her well, regardless. It isn't easy having a celebrity career, health issues, etc. Sometimes we forget all of the pressure that celebs have. Pressures from this, from that. Coming from just about everywhere/everyone.

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