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I have a laptop.  Don't need it.  My iPad replaces it.  I have always had a desk top to do graphic work and of late genealogy research.  I have a large monitor.  My desk top is just two months old, a Dell.  It is very compact, with big compacity.  My old desktop was heavy, hard for me to get to etc. Ugly.   The new one has a small footprint and it weighs just under ten pounds, Inspiron Small Desktop.  Love it.  Bought direct from Dell.

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Do not listen to him. Only you knows whats best.


If you watch a lot of movies and video online then I suggest a 2 in 1 desktop.  A laptop is only needed really for business and traveling really.  



For years I used a laptop only and when I finally got a big screen desk top. A dell from best buy 24"   I wa ss much happier.  For on the go I use a tablet.  I have a ipad and an asus  and a fire

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IMO desktops and laptops each have a purpose. I use both. I also like tablets.

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Re: Laptops vs. desktops ?

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I think it's all about what you feel comfortable with. I have a desktop, a laptop, and an iPad. Early on weekend mornings, after an hour or so on the treadmill, I love to sit at the desktop with my coffee, answer emails, "talk" to friends, do some shopping, and hang out on my favorite forums for a couple of hours. I'm usually up around 5:00 to feed the cats and then hit the treadmill. So for a couple of hours, I sit back at the computer and just enjoy the peace.


The laptop is a 17-inch Toshiba and I'll flop down on the couch with it sometimes in the early evenings while watching the local news on tv.


And I take my iPad to bed to read library books or surf the web for an hour or so before dropping off to sleep. I don't watch television much anymore, so reading on my iPad is perfect for me. I also have a Kindle Paperwhite and will read Kindle books on that. (I used to love to read books in bed, but as I get older, I have more trouble reading regular books at night and have pretty much switched over to e-books now.) 


So they all have their uses and I'm fine with the way I work with them.


Think about what you enjoy doing and where you enjoy doing it, and take it from there. 

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There are no rules use what you prefer.