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The gentleman in Best Buy tried to persuade me from buying a desktop computer while I was there after New Years. He said "no one buys those anymore " and directed me to laptops. He said I could still use it at home but had an advantage in that it is also portable.


Is anyone still using Desktop computers these days ? Or should I replace my old computer with a laptop ?  I will also add I do own an IPad but that is only used for email and music.

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If you like to sit at your desk when using the computer, a laptop is fine.  I had that same decision and went with the laptop.  I though ok, I'll get a big laptop since it likely won't leave the house.  My laptop is heavy and it's never charged when I want to use it.  On the flip side, I like that I'm not tied to my desk.  If the desktop works for you and what you use a computer for, don't let the salesman sway you.

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Re: Laptops vs. desktops ?

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@Reever  This is a very personal decision and only you can answer.  It depends on how you use your computer.  I do believe most people buy laptops today for their portability.  (Last summer I went from a 15" macbook pro to a 13" macbook pro just because it was lighter and easier to carry.)  Being able to take your computer with you is an advantage.  Some people work from home and require large desktop screens due to the nature of their work.  Think how you are going to use your computer and what would be best for you. Congratulations on your new purchase!

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My DH has a desktop, a laptop and a tablet. I mostly see him on the tablet but when he needs windows he goes to the desktop not the laptop.

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Get whatever you prefer.There is no right or wrong.It’s whatever makes you comfortable!!

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Could he have been steering you to laptops because they're more expensive?

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Re: Laptops vs. desktops ?

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I think desktops last longer than laptops - I love mine. The only reason I have to replace it is that it's so old. I also have a huge screen and erognomic keyboard and just replaced my android ereader with an ipad. 

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I'll never have another computer.  Theres nothing I need to do that can't be done on my trusty, easily portable, lightweight tablet.  I can't imagine anyone outside of an office setting buying a desktop.

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I replaced my desk top computer with a laptop. I like it because it doesn't take up the space. But 99 percent of the time I use my iPad. I do everything on the iPad except type documents.

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havent had a desktop for probably ten years now.

laptops, tablets, and smartphones for me.

i love the portability and they get the job done.....and they take up no space.

my kids and mom also all use laptops and tablets.

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