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Re: Laptops vs. desktops ?

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I've had my laptop for 8 years - I love it.  But I mainly use it sitting at my dining room table - sometimes on my couch.  I don't take it out of the house.   I have a tablet that I got free with my cellphone and I use that for travel and when I'm out of the house.  My husband hates the laptop, rarely uses his tablet.  He doesn't even go on the 'net on his phone.  He prefers the desktop.  We got a new one a few years ago.  My grandson likes the desktop for games.  But we got him a laptop for Christmas and a mouse to use with it.  A mouse makes gaming easier.


Like someone else said it's all about personal preference.  And it certainly isn't true that "no one buys desktops anymore."  


When my laptop "goes" I'll definitely buy another one.  I use the Kindle PC app on my laptop - I love reading on bigger screen of the laptop.


By the way I don't get what others have said about "looking down" at a laptop.  

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I have a desktop or PC.  I also have an ipad.  I do not like the ipad, hubby uses it.  For me I prefer my PC.  You buy what YOU want and like, its your money your spending and to heck with what everyone else is buying.

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We just bought a new desktop. I also have an iPad and my husband has a laptop. I did not want another laptop as it is clumsy and gets too warm to handle on my lap. The desktop has a bigger screen which I prefer. If I am going to sit at a table or desk, I might as well sit at the desktop. You can buy online. Then you can avoid the sales pitch. 

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I use a laptop and an iPad. I use my iPad most of the time, but use my laptop to pay bills, work on spreadsheets and other documents, and for scanning pictures and documents. With the exception of scanning, I just use it wherever I’m sitting. I use my iPad for everything else. 

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Had constant virus problems on desktop, just love my IPad. Portable, no virus issues-so easy.

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@iMW wrote:

Had constant virus problems on desktop, just love my IPad. Portable, no virus issues-so easy.

That's not the computer's fault. 

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CinNC wrote:

I think desktops last longer than laptops - I love mine. The only reason I have to replace it is that it's so old. I also have a huge screen and erognomic keyboard and just replaced my android ereader with an ipad. 


I had the exact opposite experience.   I never had a desktop that lasted more than 2.5 years, yet I have laptops that are up to 6 years old at this point and are perfectly good.


I did research and the biggest thing I learned about laptops is that you need to make sure you don't contribute to them getting too hot, so I use mine on stainless steel laptop stands to allow for circulation.


I even have a laptop upstairs at my desk.  I hooked it up to an old Dell monitor I've had for many years, a keyboard, and a mouse.  The laptop sits off to the side on a laptop stand, to keep it cool.


Obviously, we all have different needs.  I hope the OP finds what is perfect.  It's good to see all the opinions, though, and I hope that helps.


I will never go back to desktops, but YMMV and that's good too.  Smiley Happy

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My desktops have all lasted seven plus years with no major issues. I've had to replace two power supplies and one optical drive in twenty plus years of computing, but that's not bad. I keep using them until they become obsolete and are no longer supported. The latest rebuild went from Vista to Windows 10.

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The only people I know who use desktops are people who work from home and are  are waiting for their older desktops to cough and die before they buy a laptop for.  And that's only 2 people.  They still make desktops so if you want one, that's all that matters.  I have 2 laptops; one just for work and the other for fun.  I like being able to take my computer from one room to another if I want to.  I have two Table-Mates and they work perfectly for laptops.  The height is adjustable, I can sit in any chair I want.  I like the convenience of a laptop and I wouldn't want to give up permanent space to a desktop since we are in a condo.    

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I have an AIO desktop and although it is not portable, I can still move it easily from room to room and use it in any place where there is an electrical outlet. For me, the size of the screen on most laptops is not big enough for me to enjoy. I prefer one that is bigger as offered with many desktops.