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I have had recent problems with two items from the same vendor, separate orders.  First, I have a Le Creuset item (#K403960) that was supposedly shipped on 7/16/20 but has apparently been lost in transit.  There is no tracking available.  Also, I just received another Le Creuset item (stoneware butter crock #K404762) that was broken in transit and arrived in pieces.  I would rather not spend hours on the phone with Customer Service.  Can you please tell me how I can transmit the order details confidentially and get refunds for these items?  I am not sure whether I must ship back the broken stoneware.  Thank you.

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Best to email Info to

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Hi @catwoman48 


I am sorry you had a bad experience with your orders. Please email your order info to and we would be happy to help.



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Thank you, Barbara, and thank you, Dkay, for the advice.  I will follow up via e-mail as you suggested.  Can't believe I have had so few problems since the world changed!