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Here in central Maryland it can still be in the 80's in October. Today it was upper 70s but very humid due to the rain and moisture from Florence and we're expecting more of the same tomorrow. I was sweating like crazy walking to the bus stop after work today. I don't mind 70s and low 80's in late September and October as long as there's no humidity to go with it. 

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Re: Where is Fall?

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@NicksmomESQ wrote:

I’m in no hurry for fall. I’ll take every last bit of Summer I can get!!

Im with you! It has been in the low 80's to high 70's for a few weeks now. Doesn't even feel like we had a summer. Im holding on to whats left of summer with both hands!

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We've been (mostly) out of triple digits for several weeks now. Temps of 90 or below are fall-like to us! We're enjoying our cooler evenings and mornings. High today of 85'ish.

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Re: Where is Fall?

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Fall and its evil sibling winter can stay far away as far as I’m concerned. 

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It is right around the corner.



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It is feeling like fall in the Seattle WA. Area. In the 60’s during the day.  I hope we have an Indian Summer with some warmer temps  of some sort before winter sets in!

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@KatCat1 wrote:

It is 92 degrees today and sunny.  I am so sick of this hot weather.  Now I know it is not hot compared to Arizona but I could never live in Arizona.  This forecast is for the Chicago area.  How about you?  Let our prayers go out for the people in North Carolina.

We had fall the week before last, and I loved it so much. There was one day, I actually flirted with the idea of turning off the a/c!

Surely, we will get cooler temps again soon.

We were in the 90's today too.

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I love summer except for the intense heat and awful humidity.  I detest hot weather.  Can't wait for cooler temps but it will be in the 90's with high humidity all week.  No outdoor activities for me, 

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@chrystaltree... I completely agree w/ everything you said. Living in NY , I know what's ahead...🙁☃️❄️.
I'm enjoying every last 80 + 90 degree day...☀️🌈🔥
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I've been enjoying my last days of summer heat and cherishing it. Yesterday it was a fabulous 88 and today its in the 60's. The long range forecast looks to just be in the boring Fall 60's from now on. Ugh! I HATE the colder weather, I just HATE it. 

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