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It is suppose to be hot today and tomorrow, but next week we are looking at cooler weather.

I have been hearing lots of coyotes howling at night, the last 2 nights. I don't know the science behind it, but in the past, all that howling was a precurser to cooler temps. YAY!

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It’s been a long rainy humid summer here as well in Pittsburgh...hate it, enough already..I believe Friday it’s going to be 86...then a cool’s usually cooler here by now...I fear we will have very little fall and jump right into winter🙄

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I can't agree with you more!  Jersey has been nothing but humid city.  I rarely run my AC at home during September, but not this year.  I think I only turned it off for two days (two weekends ago when it actually got chilly outside!).  LOVED ever second of it, but it didn't last.  I'm so over summer already!