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Re: Where is Fall?

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Fall actually doesn't start officially for a few days, then it takes a few more weeks for most of the country to feel autumnal.  If you live in the south, it doesn't really cool off until late Nov., early Dec., maybe even later.  


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@Group 5 minus 1,


I have hummingbird feeders here in NC.  Your migrating birds are welcome to stop in for a drink and a rest.  I understand some hummingbirds travel to Mexico.  They are amazing!

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Fall is waiting it’s turn until Saturday. Commercialism has told us its fall on Labor Day. In actually it has another 3 weeks to go. We all rush the seasons, we buy pumpkin spice everything in August and decorate for Halloween in September a nd Christmas in November. I take it day by day and enjoy September for what it is.

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Perhaps we can have a long fall, and skip winter altogether!

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Temps still in the 90s with the heat index around 100 in the St. Louis area. Nothing but hot and humid, and it's getting old! I'm still watering my pots and baskets but most of them are starting to look a bit ragged. I'd be happy with temps in the 80s and some rain! Oh well - we don't get fall until October...not much longer.

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ValuSkr expressed it best.

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It's certainly NOT here today it was 93 and hot hot hot!  


I actually thought about putting my Fall wreath on the front door then said "It's too hot to go outside! unless I'm floating in our pool!"


Might think about in around end of October🙁.  Our local weatherman stated "it's 3 degrees below norm" What?😳😉


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Fall weather is not here yet. We had a few days over the past few weeks that were cooler but its back to 80's again and humid. But at least no 90's. Lookin forward to Fall weather!  Smiley Very Happy

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I am headed to STL on Friday for my 50th high school reunion at a small town school in Illinois.  I'll be staying in south STL.


Was hoping it was cooler there, but I checked the future forcast for the next few days and it's hotter than where I am in Maryland!



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Todays weather in SW Florida - mid 90's and 98% humidity.Another day to stay in the house I guess. I'm getting a lot of sewing done. The local weatherman says it's going to rain for a few days as TS Issac comes by and then may be a little cooler. Hopefully Issac will help dissapate the red tide bloom.Wouldn't you know the one year that a good hearty tropical storm would be good to break up this red tide and move it out into the Gulf - we have not gotten one.I live 1 1/2 miles from the beach and we can smell the dead fish all this way now. Gosh awful!