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It is 92 degrees today and sunny.  I am so sick of this hot weather.  Now I know it is not hot compared to Arizona but I could never live in Arizona.  This forecast is for the Chicago area.  How about you?  Let our prayers go out for the people in North Carolina.

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Same in Georgia.  If I can't put up my lawnmower and weed whacker soon, I will not be responsible for my actions.  Film at 11.

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@Katcat1, AMEN to that.  Yes here in NY it was 80 today.  I want my fall clothes on my body pronto.  Sick and tired of hot weather for sure. 

Well said !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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For several years now, we've had only two seasons: winter and summer.  There's very little in-between weather.

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Winter will be upon us soon enough.

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I'm not going to complain.  I like nice weather.  Yes, even the 90's since I have air conditioning in my house and everywhere I go.  So, I was surprised when I looked at the news this morning and they said it was close to 90 yesterday.  It felt like a lovely 80ish day.  I'll take all the hot weather I can get now because I know what's coming.  

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lived in chicago area for several years, it can be hot and humid there. I moved to east coast some 30 yrs ago, thought it would be nicer, ugh, it is so oppresively humid today. Sweat weather as I say.


Flo is visiting us for a day or two.

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West Virginia is at a comfortable 71 degrees today.   Perfect weather here, so I don’t want to see, or feel Fall until mid October when it’s supposed to be Fall.    


West Virginia summers are great; short, but great.   West Virginia winters are long, dark, cold, snowy and icy.   Winter here is perfect for hibernating.

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September 21.  Smiley Happy


At least it's cooling down some here and lows in low 40s at night, so I love that.