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I never really had a need for 24 hour access to a store.  Maybe the pharmacy only in the event of a much needed medication.   I am one who likes to get out and about early but I would not be going shopping in the middle of the night.  I haven't done that since black fridays in my 20's, back when it was safe to do so.  I live in a fairly nice area but wouldn't feel safe to be out at those hours.

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They're closing now on Thanksgiving.



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I felt like most of the grocery/walmart stores would probably cease to do this.  I do enjoy hitting Walmart 6:00 to 6:30 in the morning when the rest of the world is getting the last of the zzzzzzzzz's in.  Aside from shelves being restocked mostly empty and peaceful. 

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I think things will get back to the way they were previous.  It might take time,  BUT, who can really know.  The one thing I know is that you can't predict what can/will happen, and anything can change the course of life in an instant.

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Yes, shorter hours, and I just heard all stores will be closed on Thanksgiving. They also plan a bonus for every Walmart employee. 


Appreciation for these well deserving employees is great. Shorter hours, holiday time off and a little extra cash is the least they can do.


But, I agree with some here, that this will be a temporary measure.  Once we're back to 'normal,' if ever, Walmart will likely be back to business, as usual.   

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@millieshops I believe you are partially correct.  Studies have always shown that the late night hours don't bring in many shoppers.  Stores kept the 24 hr model because they had employees working anyway stocking the shelves and cleaning so it didn't take much to man 1 register as needed.  I just wish my Walmart was open a little later than 8:30 when so many other stores in my area are open later than that.  I was in there at 8 and they were walking around telling people to get to the checkout.  I believe the reason they are giving right now for early closure is for cleaning purposes (I still have to question how much cleaning is really going on at Walmart though).


Now that stores are moving to self scan as opposed to registers seems even easier for them to be open a few more hours.

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I think that 24/7 stores will be back, it  is just going to be a very long time till they do. They have people working in stocking anyway, so keeping open for making a few bucks (in a non pandemic time) will become lucrative again when this is under control, and many places will go back to it. 


Many people prefer to shop in the middle of the night, or their work schedules dictate it. My husband gets off work at midnight to two am, depending, and not having a store he can stop at on the way home to pick up the few things we need now and then has been inconvenient, and actually stopped some buying that we would have done. I know there are millions of people that don't live a 9 to 5 normal schedule, and stores will at some point get back to being able to serve those customers better. It could be another year or more though.

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They must have the figures for sales.  This could just be a good excuse for cutting back.

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Well, as has been pointed out, the stores already have the lights on for employees stocking the shelves. And more and more people work(ed) non traditional M-F 9/5 schedules. I use to love being able to go up and down the aisles, spotting new grocery items without hearing screaming kids. And being able to stop after work and buy aspirin, socks, a quart of milk and new wiper blades all in one stop was so convenient. 

I imagine the larger stores that started as Super Walmart, open 24/7 in profitable markets, will return. 

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@Miss Pepsi wrote:

My Niece works at Walmart in the suburbs of Chicago, I will have to ask her and see what her take is on it.  I never went in the wee hours anyway and now I never go in, I am strictly a curbside pick up kinda.  That started well over a year ago after knee surgery and continues to this day.  it's either that or online ordering.  Not sure if i will ever feel comfortable going into a store again.  Honestly I just don't miss it.


I don't go in either, since the virus, but I do miss it. I've been in Dollar Tree three times in the last month for 10 minutes when they open and only 4 or 5 other customers are in there, but I couldn't really relax and enjoy it.