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Talked to a emploee at Walmart today and they told me that Walmart will most likely never be open 24/7.  

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My Niece works at Walmart in the suburbs of Chicago, I will have to ask her and see what her take is on it.  I never went in the wee hours anyway and now I never go in, I am strictly a curbside pick up kinda.  That started well over a year ago after knee surgery and continues to this day.  it's either that or online ordering.  Not sure if i will ever feel comfortable going into a store again.  Honestly I just don't miss it.


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I don't need 24/7.  Love Walmart but I don't plan to live there. LOL

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When I was still working, I'd go on Sat. at 3 a.m. and do shopping for myself and whatever my mom needed from there. Then  come home, do chores then go to my mom's and take her to her regular place to shop. I haven't done the 3 a.m.thing since my mom passed.

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I used to shop at Walmart in the pre-dawn hours.....because the weather is much cooler at that time.     

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Even if they aren't open 24/7 I would like to see them increase their store hours now.  Mine is open 7am -8:30 PM.  Another store by me that was 24/7 is 6am to 10PM.  I was rushed out of Walmart twice due to their early closing.  I don't see why either of these stores couldn't be open until Midnight.

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@mimomof4 If I were guessing, and I am, they aren't open all those extra hours for the same reason QVC is broadcasting repeats all night.  Yes, there are some customers, but no, the statistics don't show those hours are profitable.

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My Walmart, in a city of about 30k, hasn't been open 24/7 for years.


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Is this the employee's opinion?  A store manager, headquarters, or cashier, stockers, customer service, office personnel?


Any reason given why Walmart would never reopen?  Never is a long time for any company to predict what they will do in the future.  They don't do that.  They are lucky if their plans work out for one year.  


I don't think Walmart will reopen 24 hours until after a vaccine is given...but not for one minute do I believe they won't reopen afterwards.  


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I think open 24/7 is a good option as people work shifts and it makes it easier.  I used to shop there on weird hours because it was less crowded and much more pleasant.


As for methods of payment, I was told by a friend of mine who lives in another area that they are now refusing cash payment and accepting only cards.


Does anyone know if this is going to be standard in all of their stores?  I always pay cash when I go.  I will have to call my local store and see what they say.


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