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Toby crossed Rainbow Bridge

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Yesterday we lost another of our 4 remaining furry family members,Toby. At one time not all that long ago, we were a 13 indoor only feline family. We now have Lily, our canine/, and Tiny and Jasper our felines. I won't go into detail other than to say I found him lying on the floor.


He turned 17 earlier this month and had never had any health issues. He wandered up to our patio room door in the middle of the winter. He was a kitten maybe 10-12 weeks old. 


I could go into a long story about him and how we brought him in, but I will try to keep this short. He was a 1 person feline, and I was lucky he picked me. If I was sitting down, he was either on me, or looking for the easiest way to get onto my recliner.


My wife was Pet Sitting in another city and I called her to come home. She drove home to say her final goodbyes to Toby, and took him to our vet that was on her way back to her Sitting Job. 


Like all our other furry family members, Toby will be cremated and returned to us. I will keep him in my heart forever as another little piece of it has gone with him to The Bridge.


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My heart goes to you and Cindy @hckynutjohn 


Toby was adorable and blessed to have found you, love his little face. Hugs and prayers.

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I'm so sorry....


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He's such a handsome fellow - we had four, now one remains.

I understand the sadness and also the love Toby brought to your family.


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@hckynutjohn   So sorry to hear of the passing of your constant companion.  You're going to miss his company.  It's amazing how a seemingly healthy animal can take a sudden turn and be gone in a flash. 

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John, with tears in my eyes I send you my heartfelt condolences. I am so very sorry.  

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Sorry for your loss.  You will keep him in your heart.

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@hckynutjohn  We had a cat who looked a lot like Toby but she died a few years ago. She hopped on the bed and laid there for awhile then stopped breathing.I was heartbroken. Lost another one this year and I still cry when I think about him and how scared he was at the vets when he was put to sleep.  So sorry for your loss. 

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I am sorry for your loss.  To lose a pet is heartbreaking.


Take comfort in knowing you provided him with great life.  He knew you would when he chose you to be his lifelong buddy. Seventeen years is a long time to be friends, but way too short of a time to be together.