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They're deleting posts that are religious and political that are not supposed to be allowed here. And plenty still stays here all the time that is blatantly against board standards. Keep on keeping on with the false victimhood.
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@Krimpette wrote:

One thing that does puzzle me is, if someone doesn't like the way these boards are moderated, why continue to post here?  I'm sure there are other forum sites available that might be more suitable.

Speaking for myself, I'm not one to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are those on this board I enjoy posting with and have posted with for years. Moreover, there are threads, usually in the Home and TV forums that, again, feature items of interest and co-posters of long standing where there is mutual satisfaction in conversing. That I might take exception to aspects of board management doesn't negate that there is value to be had. Fortunately, most things in this life don't require an all or nothing approach nor must we choose a single board when we can participate on more than one, or even just lurk, as is our choice.

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I think they do an outstanding job as the Social Team.  

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I suspect what the OP meant was that moderation is a difficult job here, not in comparison to other jobs notoriously difficult. It's apples and oranges.


Agree there aren't many jobs as difficult as being a RN, particularly in a busy hospital, or many other jobs that are bone weary demanding, and/or dangerous. I can attest to this. 


But, the mod has to balance fairness with rigid rules, which is sometimes complicated. Wielding the mighty delete wand wouldn't be a particularly pleasant job for most. But, someone has to try keeping the peace. 

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Re: Thank you mods!

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I used to moderate a political forum and trust me, it wasn't easy. 


However, I am sure that was a walk in the park compared to what these moderators deal with day in and day out. 


I'll just talk about the two biggies...political and religious posts. They are clearly against the rules, but you STILL see posts on both pretty regularly. I just saw one yesterday under one of the several Memorial Day titles that got into religious territory. No matter how sincere the poster is, it's against the rules, so why post it only to see it get deleted? 


I just don't understand not following simple rules that were agreed on. 


Maybe the Harry and Meghan posts should be added to what not to post list as well since they always go off of the rails. 


So, for all you contend with, a shout out to the moderators for a job well done. 



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@ThinkingOutLoud  - problably a lot of your posts I take it? 

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@SusieQ_2 wrote:

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@Krimpette wrote:

I was just thinking what a difficult job you have, but how well you manage to do it!  Thank you!  I know there are others who will disagree with me (some will even harp on it sometimes), it can't be easy to try and be fair to all, and if necessary, even to shut down threads.  Kudos to all the mods here!!!

This thread is hilarious. Considering they've been deleting some posts, it shows how untrue that really is. lol

Given the inequity that you state, why do you think people continue to post on this forum?

Excellent question, @deepwaterdotter. I'm also curious to know what makes the comment made by @Krimpette untrue.



Your comment shows you share the same lack of understanding as the one who failed to educate herself on the what the right to freedom of speech really means and what you agreed to when you signed up to be a member of this forum. 



You might want to educate yourself.  Freedom of speech ONLY means the government can't come after you for what you say. It does not impact what privately owned forums, social media, etc, allow or don't allow.

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@wifey2qt wrote:

@ThinkingOutLoud  - problably a lot of your posts I take it? 

No - just an observation.

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While moderating is difficult, disappearing threads without a given reason, deleting threads that get a lot of posts rather than just the posts that break rules are sending posters away.


So many interesting posters are gone. Perhaps that's the Q's intention, to have the Forum just fade away.

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Re: Thank you mods!

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@Oznell wrote:

I think there is a difference, sometimes, between a thread being shut down, and an individual post being removed.


A very small number of posters will employ a strategy that over time, has become starkly recognizable.    They'll inject rule-violating, hostile or personal attack comments into an otherwise well-conducted thread, in hopes that there will be a blanket shut-down of the whole thread.   Merely because they dislike the topic, or don't like the direction of the comments.  The offending poster will escalate his/her combativeness, hoping to draw the "returning fire" that will get a thread labeled controversial or argumentative.


In cases like those, the posts that should be removed, in my opinion, should be removed.  But if the thread is otherwise complying with QVC standards, it should be able to continue.


I could be wrong, but I think in general, if the "rule-observing" posters all completely ignored the offenders, and didn't respond to their salllies, more threads would be left up. 


@Oznell  I think this is probably true as  (more often than not) what we say to what we see as offensive probably  won't change that person.


Sometimes, however, I feel like it's worth a try so I put my two cents worth in! Admittedly, it's not often popular but,the truth  is , it gets it off my chest! Maybe not the best thinking but I breathe easier after that! Ha!