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Re: Shopping on the internet

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I buy almost all my shoes online, but only from free return sites and mostly from sales. I do occasionally return a pair because of fit, but for the most part I keep. You just have to try shoes on imo, and there should be no charge to you for doing so.  I rarely pay full price either. Eventually, most prices come down especially for shoes, and in places like Nordstroms, that is usually pretty early on in the season, then runs off and on all season. you should pack up and ship any pair that you've decidd to return almost immediately, to keep this system of no return charge in place. If it is abused too frequently it will change and not for the better of all of us.


I order clothes online too, but I'm keeping it to sales and free shipping or return to local stores, to avoid the added cost of returns. That just about rules out QVC for most things. I tend to find a size that works for me and continue using that site for the simplicity that system offers.

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Re: Shopping on the internet

@icezeus wrote:

I think people eventually figure out what they can and can't buy online. 


In my case it would be convenience. I live in Southern California, if I want to go into a BM store or a beauty store this is not a problem. It's all about the  time for me. I work long days, and  I use a year of my life each day during  my morning and evening commutes. (smile) I just dont' want to spend my free time running from store to store, when I can just click a button.



I hear you! We have any choice of store, and any merchandise available in B&M stores, but that doesn't mean there's plenty of leisure time and energy to travel from store to store or mall to mall. Mall shopping in SoCal on the weekends is neither fast nor all that enjoyable.

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Re: Shopping on the internet

I will buy:


Shoes... if the style/brand is one I have tried and liked   Easy Spirit

Makeup... again, as above unless the company sells sample or has a liberal return policy

Pants... every once in a while, I experiment, knowing full well the pain of paying for returns.  However, once I have found a company that produces a style that works, I have no problem ordering

Food... canned items/gluten-free crackers


In the instances above, it is a matter of balancing the cost of running around looking for an item that fits (pants) or having stuff come here/try it on/return if necessary.


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Re: Shopping on the internet

@Smaug wrote:

@RespectLife wrote:

@patbz wrote:

I have bought almost everything online (I live 3 hrs from major shopping).  I bought shoes (zappos) clothes, pets (Craig's list) food (Amazon) major furniture (Overstock) and a 55" t.v.(Amazon). Additionally I have bought over 1000 items from Ebay (collectibles, jewelry, electronics).  I do my research and almost never make returns.  I have a Blackbelt in internet shopping.

LOL...that's a great way to put it!  I do too!


I buy everything online.  Have very few returns.  I know my sizes in each vendor.

I find better prices, good quality and reliable vendors.  I work 55 hrs. plus, have a family and ailing mother to care is a luxury for my eyes, no time to drive around and dawdle in stores.


Shoes?  Always

Makeup?  Always

Jewelry?  Tons

Clothes?  Always

Food?  VERY often

Pets?  Yep, last 2 were from online

Laptops and small electronics?  Better prices!

Smaller Furniture?  Many times, even bought a FAB headboard on Amazon


You name it?  I have ordered it.  Power online shopper.  I loathe the malls, strip plazas etc. 


The only things I would not buy online are as someone else said...large appliances, mattresses, Large furniture such as couches or dining sets and TVs.  Fragrance is now off my list as well since Q changed the return policy.

Can I ask about the pets? 


I'm curious because I wouldn't buy one off the web because I wouldn't know the temperament of the animal before purchasing. What kind of info do the sellers give about the pet? And how do you know if it's the right pet for you? And what do you do if the pet isn't right for you? How do you return a pet? 

That is a very valid point!  In both cases, we worked closely with the breeders over the phone and online.  We researched them both thoroughly, contacting many previous customers.


We described the temperment we were looking for and they matched us up perfectly.

Male, female, playful, docile etc.


Everything was very professional and very smooth.  Honestly, you do have the potential for problems.  Anything on the web can be misrepresented, however, we felt we really did research deeply.  We had a very good feeling with each breeder as they sent us numerous pictures and descriptions of each pup.


Years ago, we got a dalmatian from DH's coworker who was an AKC breeder.  Both parents were champs.  We got pick of the litter.  We spent so much time picking the right pup.  Well that sweet pup eventually grew up to be the most miserable dog on the planet.  Snippy, grouchy etc.  Yes, that can be Dalmatians temperments, but I tell ya...he was the sweetest most loving dog...until he got old.


We don't believe in returning animals really.  As the other poster stated, they are like your children.  You grow to love them no matter what.  If there really was an unsolvable issue...I'd find a better suiting home but would never expect a breeder to take the animal back.


As for that Dalmatian?  He lived till he was 14...was totally incontinent the last 5 years of his life, was grouchy till the day he passed.  We loved him anyways...and diapered him just like a child.  LOL

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Re: Shopping on the internet

I get all of my atheletic (walking) shoes from Amazon, in my opinion, you just can't beat Prime.  If I find a pair of shoes that work consistently for me, I have no problem ordering them from Amazon.  Seems b&m stores change styles but with Amazon I find what I want.  As far as makeup goes, I hardly ever wear it but get mine from our local Ulta. 

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Re: Shopping on the internet

I am a big on line shopper, but I am selective in what I buy.  If I find shoes at a B&M, I order additional pairs on line.  Sometimes this is the only way, because the manufacturer may have already discontinued the style.  I've done this with Uggs and Sketchers and managed to find in my size and color preference.  On line clothing purchases I shy away from, unless it is a winter coat or socks.


I don't wear make-up, so no issue there, but I do buy skincare products on line.


When we did a total remodel of our kitchen, all major appliances, fixtures, etc, including the kitchen sink were bought on line.  Some of the appliances I was able to view at B&M stores, but we were able to save so much more by ordering on line.  I had all the appliances and the designer did the layout around them.  Turned out great.


I also shop B&M stores, however in small areas, selection is limited and you might end up driving all over the place.  I let my fingers do the walking on line first, and if there is a store a reasonable distance (say 40 miles), then I'll make the drive.

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Re: Shopping on the internet

I buy as much as I can on the internet.  I hate malls and find stores frustrating.

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Re: Shopping on the internet

I've purchased shoes online numerous times.   I wear a 7.5W (not super-wide, but just like a 'C' width) and any time I find that I can get that size, no matter what type of shoe, they will fit.

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Re: Shopping on the internet

@ChynnaBlue I'm so jealous about Amazon!  That has to be so nice. I hope it starts rolling out to other areas soon but I doubt N FL is high on their priority list. 😃

Jacksonville is the largest city in the country geograpically so that's a lot to cover. 

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Re: Shopping on the internet

  • My reason for buying shoes is I can never find my size 5.5