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@Lilysmom wrote:

@nana59, I tried the Threshold sheets at Target and it was a no for me.  They felt plastic-y.  DH didn’t l8ke them either.  Check before you buy.  LM

@Lilysmom, we must have bought the same ones, they were awful.

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I have 5 sets of the Thresold sheets and they are great,since I do not use a top sheet,  I like that you can buy each item on its on.


@Lilysmom wrote:

@nana59, I tried the Threshold sheets at Target and it was a no for me.  They felt plastic-y.  DH didn’t l8ke them either.  Check before you buy.  LM


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@nana59 Buying sheets is so confusing anymore!

But, I found a set that I LOVE>

SONOMA Goods for Life™ 400 Thread Count Ultimate Sheet Set from Kohls.

They are a thicker weave, so they aren't a "crisp, cool sheet".

They feel softer after the 2nd wash.

They have a fabulous extra gusset at the top & bottom of the sheet so that they hug the mattress! I hate sheets that shift around on my mattress & these are so nice.

The top sheet is big & hangs on both sides of the bed, I have some sheets that just come to the edges of the mattress. 

I got them with a 30% off coupon. $41.99 for queen size.

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@pigletsmom wrote:

@annabellethecat What kind of sheets do you get? I like thick sheets with substance myself. Target used to have Fieldcrest ones but they discontinued that type and I'm afraid to jump in their other ones for now.

@pigletsmom  I like percale, but they are hard to find.  Percale is sturdy and crisp.  I found them at Vermont Country Store.  They are pricey, but I love them.  The Pioneer Woman had a set that was less pricey and I got them, too, but she only had one print.  Hope she brings more.

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Thanks @Patriot3. I never paid that much attention to sheets until I bought the ones I love from Target. They were 600 or 700 thread count and egyptian cotton. The still have ones with the tread count but they don't say egyptian anymore and they seem a little thinner.


Target used to have a big display ip where you could feel all of the different types of sheets but that's gone now. So hard to tell when they are in the package.

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@annabellethecat wrote:

Sheets?  Sheets?  Did someone mention sheets?  I have a ummmm....sheet(?) problem.


I'm working toward overcoming it....I'm much better (about ordering them).....


I'll never give up getting them dry cleaned though....I love thick, stiff, sheets....phew!  I have to go sit down now!


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@annabellethecat: What kind of sheets do you buy?

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My DD bought some very nice sheets at Ross! She paid $18 for the full size and loves them!! It's really hard to figure out what to buy--towels are my problem---hard to get decent ones for a reasonalbe price.

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I like 400 thread count 100% cotton sateen sheets.  I buy mine from Cuddledown, and they're wonderfully soft.  I don't like a higher thread count than that.  Unless you spend $1,000 for a high thread count I find them very stiff, and I hate that.  

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I have found some good sheets at walmart, hotel 20 inch mattress fit . They are excellent sheets. I believe they are 600 count. they fit my 20 inch mattress no problem. I believe I paid $40.00 per set. It has been a couple years since I purchased my sheets so price can't really recall the exact price.

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The last set of sheets I bought was Sonoma brand from Kohls and I love them. The fitted sheet has elastic all the way around.  They are only 300 tc which is less than I typically like but they are very nice.  I decided to try them because they were on a good sale and I had a coupon.  I was impressed.