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Our local TV stations are showing aerial views of a horrible wreck on I-40 between Grants and Gallup, NM.  It involved a big Grayhound bus and an 18-wheeler.  They are just saying "multiple fatalities".  Stuff strewn all over.

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So many lives will change today.  Sending love and prayers to those impacted.

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Very sad. I drive that route twice per year and stay in either Grants or Gallup. So sad for the families. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

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oh my gosh...horrible!

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That bus originated from here in St. Louis. Very sad

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Bless everyone envolved!

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I frequently watch this YouTube channel called 

“Agenda Free TV’. They talk about events not covered 

extensively on regular networks. It’s also very interactive 

so if you have info, you can tweet them, etc.


They are broadcasting about this accident at this writing!

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As a daily driver I hate to hear these things, very frightening.  I don't know what happened and who was doing what to cause such a horrific accident but it is so sad to hear people were killed.  


I have said for a long time truck drivers  no longer are courteous or stay in the slow lanes as they used to.  They are often speeding and changing lanes and basically being reckless.  I could say the same about bus drivers and that has been my observation when driving on highways.  The laws need to change and these drivers of trucks and buses held as accountable as a person speeding in a car.  Enough is enough.


Very sad news.

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@spiderw  They said it was a tire blow out on the truck.