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@ashleigh dupray wrote:


sometimes i don't use it. when i'm wearing a summer blouse or top the belt chafes and scrapes across my neck.  then i feel bad and make it drape over my shoulder


i usually do use it though.  the serious accident reports always say the driver was not wearing a seat belt.


my dad never did and he drove a VW beetle. Unsafe at any speed.

Sometimes you don't use a seatbelt or you usually use it? 

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Since I live so rural, I don't put my seat belt on until I get to the end of the driveway, since I usually have mail to put in the box.  When I am out, I put the seatbelt on before I start the car.   

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Re: Seat belt question

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Any vehicle I am driving does not move until everyone of the occupants has their shoulder/seat belt hooked. I practice what I preach.


Get in car/put key in ignition/put on shoulder/seat belt until I hear the "click". Only then will I start the engine.


Learned that habit back in the 1955 when I was 16. To be able to race cars on a race track you had to have a seat belt. It became the norm for me and cars I bought that did not have a seat belt? I put one or more in those vehicles.




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Re: Seat belt question

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I put on my seatbelt before I start the car.