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I always make sure I'm safely buckled in before I start applying my mascara😏

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I get in the car, lock the door, get settled, put on my seatbelt then start the engine.

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I try to do the same pattern each time I get in my car.  Turn on the engine.  Put on my seatbelt and get it comfortably adjusted on me.  (Being short, adjustment is necessary or it's rubbing on my neck). Put car into drive or reverse, which ever is the direction I'm going, then take off.

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Re: Seat belt question

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My husband usually drives and he has the bad habit of just starting the car without putting his seat belt on or allowing me to. This gets me so mad. Many times, I'm not ready to leave yet. I may need to look to make sure I have my phone etc. before leaving. I don't know how many times I've asked, "Have you forgotten something" or said "Put on your seat belt!" or "Can I please put on my seat belt before we leave?".


He still does this. But he's gotten better. He also has the bad habit of just getting out of the car when we get somewhere without seeing if I'm ready. I don't know what the hurry is!!!


When I drive, as soon as I sit down I put my seat belt on and make sure any passengers are done before I start the car. To me, there is no other option. You can be hit even if you are parked!

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I back out of the garage and while the engine is warming up, I buckle up....

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As soon as I get in the car. 

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I buckle up before I start the car. 

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sometimes i don't use it. when i'm wearing a summer blouse or top the belt chafes and scrapes across my neck.  then i feel bad and make it drape over my shoulder


i usually do use it though.  the serious accident reports always say the driver was not wearing a seat belt.


my dad never did and he drove a VW beetle. Unsafe at any speed.

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I put it on as soon as I get into the car and get settled.