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OP - Just come right out and ask!  Ask the owner or the person that hands you your package.

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Tipping is your personal choice in this dress store. I wouldn't tip either.


I do see tip jars out in places it shouldn't be such as when you pay in the McDonalds drive thru window! I told the manager corporate or the franchise should pay the workers more per hour for a service job they get paid for without having the public pay them for doing their job!!!

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Would have to ask, who gets the tip?  Is it the clerk who helps the customer or the shop owner? 

I have to say I think these tip jars has gotten out of hand.  If the shop is incurring additional expenses because of the time handeling the packages, they need to either add a handling charge or stop accepting packages for others.  If they are providing a service they expect to get paid for, then charge the customers for it, don't guilt them into paying.



I'm assuming the tip jar is split between the employees actually doing the work, but yes, asking who is getting the money in the tip jar is an excellent question.


Also I wasn't aware of UPS setting up "stations" upon request and if this store has done so, are they being paid is an excellent question.  If they are a UPS Station AND getting paid something by UPS to do so, then no... no tip in the jar. 


Again, if the Dress Shop owner is doing this out of the kindness in her heart then yes, sure wouldn't mind leaving a tip AND (as mentioned, some donuts or cookies) .... Woman Happy  



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@muttmom wrote:

@sidsmom wrote:

It's kinda/sorta like tipping the grocery store checkout person because they sold you a book of stamps.  Or asking for 'cash back' since the Bank Is closed.  It's not a tip-able service. 


Now....if you're tapping on the door the nano-second they close....or asking to use their dressing rooms to try on your freshly delivered Demin & Co. Hoodie, THEN maybe throw a buck in the jar.  If not, nope...they've agreed  to provide this service to you.  

I disagree.  It is nothing like tipping the grocery store checkout person because they sold you a book of stamps.


The OP did not buy anything from the store.  The store is providing a service by being a third party holding packages ordered elsewhere.

 DITTO! No comparison what-so-ever.

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It's nice that they provide that service. It's nice that you enjoy that convenience. They didn't ask you for anything & you are not obligated. It's "probably" why the tip jar is there, but if it doesn't say "Tip for UPS package pickups", you don't know what it's for. If you are so inclined to ask, you should. If you are not, I wouldn't worry about it.

As far as the store, they do have to accomodate the UPS person when they drop off packages. Be there to accept them, sign for them, take responsibility for those packages, have someone there to get them for you & assure that they are going into the hands of the correct person.

It is good for their business if it brings in new customers, but if they aren't charging you, then you aren't obligated to tip. If that IS what the jar is for.

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Re: Regarding tips.......

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Another question I have is: does the dress shop notify you if your package is there, or does UPS contact you,  or do you keep calling the store?  Also, see my other question in my other post.

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At the bank where I work we used to be a USPS store if you will. As tellers we would have to step away and wait on people buying stamps and mailing packages. The bank was paid $1 a year from USPS. It was a convenience for customers and noncustomers. As an employee it was more of a nuisance than anything. I was so glad when we stopped doing that.
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Re: Regarding tips.......

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@ShowMe wrote:

Normally I don't respond to these kinds of threads, but just couldn't resist this one. 


First I think it would take a lot of nerve yo expect a dress shop where I never shop in to be responsible for accepting any of my UPS deliveries.  Have a question for you......did you ask the Manager if it would be alright for you to use their services under your conditions?????? 

I think it would be very considerate of you to leave a tip every time you go to pick up your packages you have had delivered there.  If you don't do that, I think you are taking advantage of a business that you don't think is good enough for you to shop in and make purchases from them

The OP didn't go into the dress shop and ask if she could use them as her delivery address.  The dress shop signed up for this service through UPS and more than likely did it in hopes of getting sales.  People get packages delivered there, they come into the dress shop, start looking around and possibly buy something and get their package.  There has to be something in it for the dress shop or why do it?  It has to be disruptive and will become more so if more and more people start taking advantage of this service.  You have to stop what you are doing to accept the packages then stop again when anyone comes in to pick-up their packages.  And what if tracking says a package was delivered there but it wasn't?  And are people going to be calling the shop to find out if they have things there?   


I do wonder how people find out about this pick-up spot.  Does the store advertise this?  Is the OP a regular customer of the dress shop and that's how she found out?


If I remember correctly, the OP has said she lives in a condo and I thought had said her packages have to go to a front desk and aren't delivered to her door.  If that is the case, I'm not sure what the point is of using this service rather than just letting her packages continue to be delivered to the condo. office? 


Personally I would tip unless I was a regular customer of the dress shop in which case I would figure my money spent there would more than suffice.        

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How much would it hurt to throw in a quarter every third or fourth pick-up ?