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Re: PROJECT RUNWAY 8/27 Spoilers possible

I watched the episode earlier today.  I too blame most of the drama on the edit and Heidi's and Kelly's reaction.


Candice was not to blame for Ashley not being chosen.  She said why she chose Amanda and after that it was roommates and friends. (the same thing happened with the other team)


We only see edits from the confessional.  This week's episode could have gone either way.  There were (as always) comments about Blake's behavior.  There were also comments about Jake doing nothing but dyeing the material. For awhile it appeared that material would be the downfall of the team as it was said to be boring, and the only thing cohesive about the collection.


Early on we saw Ashley sulking because she wasn't chosen.  Based on previous episodes we've learned she's a whiner and at times indecisive. When asked her opinion, she remained silent. (which apparently is unusual for her) She won the first challenge but had she not been safe on the second, she would have been in the bottom.  She won another challenge but it was based on Candice's ideas.  What she made this week was hideous.


As for Laurie telling Ashley they were going to throw her under the bus, Laurie has been difficult from week 1.  Teams usually choose to get rid of the most difficult to get along with or the toughest competition.


Heidi set the whole thing up the moment they chose teams.  Kelly O calling out mean girls was ironic.  Rewatch the video and you will see how dramatic and staged the whole thing appeared.


I do not think theses ladies were nearly as mean as last season with Sandhya Garg.