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@Kachina624  I try to ignore them and I suggest you should do the same. Easy way to save your self grief


and PS I really do not give two figs about the Insider it is a huge ag


@Kachina624 wrote:

@I am still oxox wrote:

Not sure what the OP is complaining about I asked a moderator and I was signed up right away.

I worked for publications for most  of my career and there is always someone who did not get their publication, and it was always the US mail not us.

@I am still oxox  All you have to do is read the DAILY complaints from people who've signed up but don't receive the Insider.  Don't think the USPS does thus to the same people month after month. 


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@Montana wrote:

Why not just make it a link on  Or send it to all active customers.


I think QVC needs to do something that makes sense.










@ Montana


But you see, that's what QVC's problem is I dont think anyone at QVC has any common sense....revenues are down, yet they dont send out something their customers want which might improve sales......go figure

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If I have to agree to receive QVC's constant, unrelenting stream of E mail solicitations in order to get the Insider I will pass.

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@september wrote:

@croemer wrote:

I get the apaper version but not the electronic version...not even sure how you get that?

They say you need to be signed up to receive promotional emails from QVC. I am, but still don't get this. 

Same here and I just checked and I have that I want to receive all emails.


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Not sending the Insider to all who request it is just another glitch in CS at the Q.


Maybe it's time we learn to accept these slip ups as the norm. 


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Q proves once again that it really is rocket science?

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Last Feb I sent a written request via email for InsideQ Magazine, giving them my QVC account email addy, and the physical address I wanted the magazine mailed to. 


I sent my request to:


They acknowledged my request from:


They've mailed a copy every month since (I think) April. 

If they ever stop sending it I'll write another email request.


I'm sure a lot of customers who never visit the forums receive InsideQ Magazine by submitting their request themselves. It's very nice of the forum mods to forward poster's requests. 


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From what I read on this subject using a search of these forums, it's the people calling and talking to cs reps, often multiple times, who have the worst experience.


It seems many cs reps have no idea what customers are requesting, never heard of InsideQ, or give conflicting information, including the customer who was wrongly told the magazine was being discontinued.

How frustrating! 



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@sunshine45 wrote:

@september wrote:

@croemer wrote:

I get the apaper version but not the electronic version...not even sure how you get that?

They say you need to be signed up to receive promotional emails from QVC. I am, but still don't get this. 




you have to request it be sent to you online PLUS you have to be signed up for promotional emails from qvc.

@sunshine45. I think you're not understanding that many of us understand what you're saying, and we've done that, as well.  I've done it about once a month, over the course of the last year!  


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have you also read the "hint" i gave for finding it online via OTHER sources. if it isnt happening you can use that as a backup. i really dont know why some are having such difficulty and others are not.

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This situation reminds me of "Catch-22". 


You can't get the Insider unless you subscribe.

You can't get the Insider when you do subscribe.