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Praying for safety of everyone in its path! 

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@Shiloh09 Thank you for the prayers. I am very concerned about my cousins and Great Uncle that live in the BVI. My sister was in Houston when Harvey's just been a stressfull couple of weeks for our familly. I truly appriate your prayers and I give prayers to everyone effected and their families as well.

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Being called the most powerful storm EVER to hit this region!

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Most powerful storm ever recorded!  That's scary!

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The warm waters are fueling this monster. Good Lord. My son moved to Florida last month, fresh out of college! i think he and his roommate are going to pack up and head north to MD until it passes.

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I am in Houston too. Our big problem was rainfall. Rockport area suffered the wind and the that storm destroyed a lot of property with that wind. Cat 5 winds are nothing to mess with and will be devestating. It's not that the winds are bowing, it's what the winds are blowing. Too dangerous for me. Pray for safety.