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Vicki, I'm so sorry for your pain and loss. Losing a life partner is a personal tragedy. You're going to feel everything, but then again, sometimes you'll feel nothing. When you're ready, focus on your 'new normal.' Not because you want your new normal, or asked for it, but because this is the direction your life is taking you. Again, I'm so sorry. Blessings and comfort to you. And future contentment. 

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So sorry @vicki is ok. My condolences. 

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@vicki is ok I am so very sorry for your loss.  You have my deepst sympathy.

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@vicki is ok,

My deepest sympathy in the loss of your husband.   


I watched my mother be a devoted caretaker for my dad, for the last 20 years of his life.  When he passed, there was no deep, all consuming grief for her, or for any of us.  Mom grieved in her own way, and she misses my dad, but knowing he was ready, and seeing it happen so peacefully, helped all of us cope better than we could've ever hoped for.   Dad has been gone for 13 years; Mom still feels his presence in the house, and has never felt "alone".


I honestly believe the last years of my Dad's life were our grieving process.  I think our minds were focused on what we saw happening, and thru each health crisis, we had time to work thru our feelings and were prepared to let go at the end.   


Sending you and your daughter prayers of strength for the days ahead.   

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My condolences to you @vicki is ok.


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I am so very sorry to read this and I will keep you in my prayers!


May you find better days ahead

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Vickisok ~ Following up with a warm hug. Would love to know how you are doing? And if you and your daughter have relocated? Keep us updated as your lives change with the seasons. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It's still tough for me as well. But I know my mom is no longer suffering and that bring me joy. Hope you are able to find a positive in your situation, also. 

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I think it is good to continue on with your move where you can get the support you need now.  I pray God will guide and comfort you as you go through this difficult time.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.